Pick it up off the floor

How many times do you think we, as women, bend over to pick something up off the floor in our life?  Thousands?  Millions?  Why do I even think about this question?  I think that it started when I got older and bending over got more difficult.  You know how it is- bend slow...more

My Buddy Keeps Me Motivated

The best way of staying motivated is actually accomplishing some goals.  When you start to accomplish your short-term goals, it's like you get the ball rolling in a positive direction and you know that you can do it.  Make your goals attainable and realistic.  Don't tell yourself tha...more

Belly Up To The Juice Bar

Juicing is an excellent way of getting the required servings of vegetables into your diet.  There is a variety of vegetables you can use and an endless number of combinations of juice that everyone can find some that they like.  If you don't like to eat your veggies, juicing them is a good way to get the nutrients you need from them.  Juicing helps your body absorb the vitamins easily and faster than when you body naturally breaks your food down through chewing and digestion.  With juicing every cell in your body is being nourished for optimum&nb...more

Who I Am

I am happy, vibrant and at peace with myself, I am confident, successful and wealthy, I am healthy—inside and out, I live life with a passion– without fear, My world is filled with pleasant senses such as; ...more

Please Don't Starve Me

When you don't feed your body properly or you think that by not eating you will lose more weight, you are actually doing the opposite of want you really want to happen.  If your body thinks that you are starving it or if you don't eat (on a regular basis)  it will conserve or hold on to your fat for the energy that it needs to work.  Actually, if you eat a larger amount of healthy food instead a smaller amount of unhealthy food, you will lose weight. ...more

Move Your Body For More Energy And Flexability

Exercise means movement that creates energy and we can all use more energy.   Movement of our bodies is essential for good health.  When you don't move and strengthen your muscles, they atrophy or get weak.  A stronger more flexible body is less prone to injury and deterioration.  Movement helps to keep our joints lubricated, our muscles strong, our tendons and our ligament flexible. When our joints are working proper...more

20 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Nutrition

Do you eat breakfast? Do you eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day? Do you drink at least 6 glasses of water a day? How many times do you eat fast food in a week? Do you try to eat healthier than you used to? Do you feel drained mid afternoon? Is your intake of sugar, tea and coffee high? Do you crave certain foods? Are you feeding your family as healthy as you...more

How Our Thoughts Affect Our Life

How we think affects how and why we act a certain way.  How we think affects our health.  Acknowledge your feelings (that you are entitled to) and realize that any negative feelings will come to pass and tomorrow is another day.  Learn to be flexible and realize what is really important in your life.  If plan A doesn't work out, so what, so on to plan B.  Positive, optimistic people have better overall health and so can you, just by how you think.  Stress takes so much energy from us because our body is in a constant state of "fight ...more

When did the word "diet" mean crazy eating habits

When did the word "diet" become a word for crazy, unhealthy eating habits and deprivation?  The word "diet" means what we consume or what we eat.  We either have good eating habits or bad ones.  Our diet can consist of more fresh fruits and vegetables and be healthy and nutritious or our diet can consist of unhealthy foods that eventually make us feel drained of our energy.  You get the picture- a diet isn't a rigid regime that is often sold to us.  Your diet is the choice and consumption of food you eat   You make the c...more


So many times we get so busy in our lives that we forget to have fun.  But learning to let go and have some fun and play can benefit our overall health.  Not only does having some fun help us emotionally, it can benefit us physically.  Having fun will cut our stress and worry and it will decrease hypertension and depression and enhance our energy level.  When our body is in a constant state of stress it is damaging to our body, but when we...more