A Skill To Wine Tasting

A fine glass of wine is one of life's great pleasures: a way to wind down after a hard day, a way to celebrate with friends, to complement a well cooked meal....more

Wine- The Mild Alcohol

 The one alcoholic drink that has respect among men and women is wine. Wine is considered to be a status symbol among the elites....more

Ferocious Friday Wine Review December 21, 2012

 This weeks Ferocious Friday at the Grape is all about bubbles. We are very excited to be featuring the beautiful Domaine Chandon. The founders are from France who I’m sure you have heard of, Moet & Chan...more

Do You Know How To Find The Best Wine Club?

 The finest wine club must not be hard to find. Every tasting group is not right for everyone. Your place, vino favorites, and chosen social circle will all dictate the right tasting group for you....more

Entertaining Your Guests With Wine

 If you're having a gathering or just some friends over for some wine and appetizers, you may want to make it a bit fancier by having a wine tasting, or investing in some new wine glasses and accessories. To really make your entertaining incredible, try to incorporate the following tips into your party planning. A Variety of Wine GlassesDid you know that you can purchase stemless wine glasses?...more

Becoming A Wine Collector? - A Guide To Getting Started

 When starting your wine collection you must ponder the following things: 1) How much money do you want to invest in collecting wine?   This will help you determine the size of wine cellar you need as well as help you to select the proper wines to fill it.  2) How much space do you have for your collection? And where are you going to put it? ...more

Guidelines On How To Become An Accomplish Wine Taster

Millions all over the world are drinking wine but only few know how to recognize its characteristics. Nowadays, wine tasting parties are organized to bring together all wine lovers and test their expertise. It requires years of experience and familiarity before a person can attain wine expert status. All the same, attaining wine expert status is not hard at all....more


Cliches. I’m not sure how many there are out there in the world, but many have held strong and some even proven themselves to be true over time. We are known by the company we keep – like Kim and wine....more

Evolution Of Wine

The wine bottle has had a long and interesting history. Ever since the Romans discovered that glass was a good medium to store wine, wine bottles have evolved into the ones we use today....more

Re-Wine Your Mind

Be it your first date with someone special or a toast proposed by you on your best friend's wedding, Wine is considered as essence of every occasion. Even the most sophisticated occasions are accompanied by wine....more