Intesne Kids are not Bad Kids...

Intense kids are not bad kids. Means nothing to some, means everything to others. If you are the parent of an intense kid you know exactly what I mean....more

Good Boy Roy goes to Hollywood

Hollywood fun and adventure       It’s about time I got to this post. We returned home from our whirl wind trip to LA/Hollywood last Monday. What a slacker I am to just now get this done....more

Mental Illness is Not a Choice

My soap Box:...more


Happy Sunday. I wanted to stop by and intorduce myself , our site and fairly new blog. On the blog we discuss ups and downs of trying to start and grow a new, small business, I also post resources and information on parenting a child with mental illness, see our story from the "Our Story, the journey" link from the blog page. I hope some of you will add our blog to your roll as we try to grow, if you can help us to help others....more

Life in Chaos, featuring my kid with emotional disabilites first post. Years of built up words of wisdom and hilarious moments as well as chaotic unbelievable events living with a now 15 year old who has run the gammet of emotional illness. Only those of you who live with this, live and love someone who suffers from any array of emotional lack of control can understand what this life is like. The rages, the broken objects, the yelling, crying, the apologies when it's all over. The love you have for this child, your child, my child, yet the resentment you may also feel for the limits their difficulities put on your life as a family....more

Welcome to BlogHer. I see that you are involved with NAMI. The company I work for built a ...more