We Dance, Therefore We Are. (Sisterly Sentiments by way of Pittsburgh)

Just back from celebrating my sister’s 60th birthday in beautiful springtime Pittsburgh with 70 of her friends, fans and family members. This is the first time I remember that she was the central focus of attention – and for an entire weekend....more

Mary Jo Buttafuoco's Book is Out: Getting It Through My Thick Skull - media all next week!

Next week is going to be an exciting one! ...more

So, you want to publish a book, really?

I'm deliberately challenging myself and everything I work for when I attempt to give advice about actually publishing a book. The thought of addressing this subject is so powerful that as I began to type, I broke into a fit of sneezing. Is it about truth? Or am I just allergic to the dust on my desk? Probably a little of both.  Okay, so publishing a book is on your horizon. Good for you. Really. It's a noble ambition and as long as someone has the urge, perhaps publishing will survive. ...more

The man behind the Ziggy curtain,...make that cartoon!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sp9BgHy8g3w ...more

Sean Penn is the man. Slumdog Millionaire is the film Hands down. Agree?

It’s Academy Awards time and I’m inviting you to come with me and share some of your own inner Siskel and Ebert. I've seen most of the contenders: Doubt, Slumdog Millionaire (swoon), The Wrestler, The Reader, Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon and most recently, Milk. I’m hoping to see Revolutionary Road before the awards show but the rest may just have to wait for my Netflix queue. ...more

Hi Kim,

I liked most of what the new producers did with the Oscar show last night.

You ...more

Social Networking - Shall we dance? Or not? Help!

Facebook. MySpace. Twitter. Do these words stir up feelings of frustration? Elation? Or, perhaps, if you’re like me, confusion? ...more

I'm not on Facebook, but I do love Twitter!  It's a good way to make friends, link back to your ...more

My corny new year's message - my zen moment

A dear friend suggested that I do a year end wrap up ...more

Do you have any pet peeves about the use of language? Boy, do I ever!

Just from the headline, it's clear that I HAVE serious pet peeves when it comes to language. Could it be that I'm the offspring of an English teacher, who (she) at 84, still corrects my grammar? Maybe it's just because I love words, love language, respect it. ...more

If you have addiction/alcoholism in your world, or not, see this movie (Rachel Getting Married)

Rachel Getting Married is about a wedding. Big surprise. But, this wedding is such a close up of a dysfunctional family that it's sometimes hard to look at. Kym, the recovering addict character, is on leave from rehab to attend her sister's wedding and in her short visit home, stirs up a dizzying hornet's nest which includes lots of yelling, crying, humiliation and even some fisticuffs. ...more

Raising a Superchild - A humorous look at parenting

It's time to toss aside the seriousness of mom and dadhood and get some comic relief.. Ray Strobel's How to Raise a Superchild (HCI) may be just the thing. I've excerpted a small part of this pocket-size book for your enjoyment (with permission from the publisher - thanks, boss!   Page 1: ...more