Kim's Top Ten Absolutely Beautiful People of 2009

1~~Angelina Jolie:  This woman is soooo stunningly, severely, unbelievably striking that she’s probably broken the so-called “Beauty Scale.” The thing that separates Jolie from the rest of the counterfeit Hollywood bimbos is her intelligence and humanitarian efforts.  Oh, yeah, one’s gorgeousness just won’t cut it nowadays. ...more

Is Adam Lambert The New Madonna? NOT!

    ~There is absolutely no wavering on this unequivocal fact:   Adam Lambert gives good headline. ...more

Dirty, Sexy Cuisine / An Interview with Naughty Chef, Blythe Beck

Dirty, Sexy Cuisine / An Interview with Naughty Chef, Blythe Beck     --"Naughty means butter, cream, cheese, and pork fat. It means a flavorful American dessert with a sexy twist"—Chef Blythe Beck ...more

Curvy Girls In, Skinny Bitches Out

~~Haven’t you received the memo, Bucko? Curvy girls are In and Skinny Bitches are OUT.  Sort of what Heidi Kleim says in Project Runway:  “In fashion—one day you’re in and the next day you’re out.” Only she says it better with the German accent. Anyway, that’s neither here or there… ...more

~~~oh, Gisette,
you wouldn't believe the reaction I've received from this blog...and on my ...more

Yes, I Had Sex With Those Women

"Yes, I Had Sex With Those Women," Says Hinky, Creepy Letterman ...more


~~10 REASONS NOT TO FRIEND YOUR MOM ON FACEBOOK   1.      Because last time you were on, she IM’s you from work and tells you to get your butt outside to mow the lawn   2.     Because she asks why your friend, Dane, addresses you with… “Waz up, Bitch?”   3.      Because she pokes you with red hearts, hugs, and kisses   ...more

Dialouge With Barbie

  Barbie:  Hey little girl, thanks for buying me.   Little Girl: Mommy did.  Is your real name Barbie?   Barbie:  What did you expect, Rosie?   ...more

Sexy Babies in 4 Inch Heels

~We need to replace all of these sexualized images with ones showing girls in positive settings - ones that show the uniqueness and competence of girls—Dr. Eileen Zurbriggen     ...more

Rock Star Mommy

 { The Urban Dictionary defines a Rock Star as: “Someone who doesn’t follow rules, they make their own. They go out of their way to be extraordinary, different from everyone else. They sometimes choose to have exotic piercings or tattoos; some have really, really crazy hair!...more

Scent of God

~I discovered Beryl Singleton Bissell at a book signing in Duluth, Minnesota. She was downtown promoting her newest gem, “The Scent of God.” Beryl’s ch­arming smile captured me immediately.And when she told me her book was about her “exploration of God,” I became intrigued and excited to chat with her.She told me she “was” a n­un....more