Are You A (Wo)man of Your Word?

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Dear J: It's Your Turn

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My Cat Is Dying

 My cat is dying. My sweet, affectionate, lovable, precious, seventeen-year-old, atypical cat… Her name is Hershey and she has been with me basically my entire adult life… all the way back to when life was as expected....more
@Denise  Thank you, Denise. She has brought me peace and comfort so many times and that's all I ...more

His (Real) Deepest, Darkest Secret

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post titled Park the Car. I’m participating in BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and this month’s theme is roots. This series of posts chronicles my relationship with the love of my life, referred to here as J. Originally posted at my blog, Damaged Calm....more

Park the Car

Originally posted at http://damagedcalm.wordpress.comIt took me two dates to love him, three weeks to learn what he called his deepest, darkest secret, five weeks to move in with him and six weeks to learn his (real) deepest, darkest secret....more

The Dreams

Originally posted at damagedcalm. The dreams started about a week ago which is odd because he’d been gone over a month at that point… if I were to psychoanalyze them it would be easy to see that they have all been about abandonment and/or fear of things I cannot control. Big surprise there. To say I have issues with things beyond my control would be an understatement at best....more

New traditions are good, too

Originally posted at: http://damagedcalm.wordpress.comThe holidays are all about tradition in my family. We visit one grandmother at one very specific time and the other side of the family at another. We eat the same dinner, play the same games, exchange the same gifts, tell the same stories. There’s something comforting about going into an evening knowing exactly what to expect, I suppose. But what happens when time or distance or circumstances threatens these traditional activities?...more

Just A Technicality

Originally posted at: http://damagedcalm.wordpress.comMy significant other, whom I regularly refer to as my husband is, in fact, not technically my husband. We’ve never stood in front of a preacher or a judge and spoken vows; we don’t have an official-looking document from the county making our union legal and we don’t have an album full of staged “candid” photos. But seriously… that’s just a technicality....more
It sounds beautiful! Embrace your time together and cherish one another that is all you need to ...more