Quick takes from an old brain

TJ is doing great. Really great. He’s back to laughing and joking and sitting on my lap while I’m at the computer and playing this very delightful game (to him) called, “You can’t see anything!” The downside of his super quick bounce back is that physically, he still has to move slowly ....more

ventral hernias and very nice things

We arrived at the hospital to check in for TJ’s surgery at 6:30 AM and there was already a line to check in. There was something about standing in that line that made me so sad. This thought washed over me: we are all sick ....more

Team TJ: still recruiting members

Hi friends, I need your positive vibes, good thoughts, prayers, etc. for my son, TJ. He’s going back in for surgery this Thursday morning to fix a ventral hernia ....more

What makes me angry and what else is new, Mona?

I am very honored to be an Angry Reader of the Week! Angry Asian Man is a phenomenal site Other things that make me angry: 1. Stuck-up Seattle moms ....more

50 Shades of Grey and other musings

This book doesn’t have any of my interests On Valentine’s Day, Mike and I along with a lot of semi-horny people watched 50 Shades of Grey. Well, they were probably super horny but I didn’t take a scientific poll, other than factoring in how the crowd was mostly couples and women who looked like they yell, “WOOOOOO!” whenever they gather in Magic Mike’s name. I’ve been making fun of this book series because it deserves to be mocked and prodded, mostly for placing dumb licensed products everywhere and trying to make me horny while I’m at Target ....more

I love this butthead


Fresh Off The Boat but Not on the Bus

God, I loved this week’s premiere of Fresh Off The Boat. ...more

A day at the Pacific Science Center

I spent almost five hours today at the Pacific Science Center with my boys. ...more

All of my feelings at Whole Foods

In an effort to make my lifestyle change (i.e. DIET, also read: what else is new, Ramona?) a reality, I’ve started to make things a habit....more

Not so Whole 30

Along with every single other person on Instagram, I started a lifestyle change at the beginning of the year....more