Hello from all the sides 

Hello friends! Happy 2016! Something I can still say like the mother of two I am, a woman who hopes that it’s still cool to raise the roof! ...more

bad parenting, worse fashion

I was cleaning out some cookbooks which I never used. They were from a period of time when I thought I was a vegetarian and could cook like one. But deep in the archives of Mona’s Temporary Diet Because It Sounded Nice Presidential Library, I found a tin with an empty bottle of Crown Royal and the purple bag ....more

wine and whine

When Thanksgiving was over, I was ready to go back to regularly scheduled complaining about trivial things instead of focusing on my own life, like how I scroll through a mom’s group on facebook because they say the most privileged too much money new mom things like, “Is $1,000 too much to spend on a chair?” YES! Or “Am I spending too much money on groceries? Are you all spending $1,200 on organic gluten free hand spun agave cobwebs like I do?!” NO ....more

thanks and tribulations

Thanksgiving was love love lovely. Despite it being the first Thanksgiving in two years without my mom to celebrate, I made a lot of food and only managed to screw up the stuffing. I added too much water or butter or whatever but it didn’t look like any recipe unless I was trying to make wet dog food ....more

Giving thanks: a one-act play

Nathan: I’m thankful for Obama and all of the presidents, except for the bad ones....more

The adult things I do 

Every morning I have this same talk with myself, this inner dialogue, a Jillian Michaels who is more caring but firm like she stopped yelling at people and started drinking decaf, like every villain in Hallmark Christmas movies who realizes her shortcomings and helps with the tree lighting ceremony she had been rallying against, this is the female voice who leads me through the adult things I have to do:...more

Strange human encounters

I walked into an open door at the grocery store. A woman walked out just as I stepped through and she snipped at me, “This! Is! ...more

Not quite magic

When I was a kid, my brother told me that if I ever wanted to wake up at a certain time, I would just have to look at the clock and visualize the time I wanted to wake up. If you want to wake up at 5 am, think about 5 am. I don’t know why I would ever think of that as a child, but somehow it worked ....more

Ghouls and gals and other updates 

hello friends, how are you? I am well. Actually, if you asked me, “Hi Mona, how’s it going?” I would say, “I am good.” I am not the upper crust type who says, “I am *well,” like anyone in my office kitchen who reminds me that we did not grow up in the same kind of house, they probably went to fancy things like gymnastic classes and I could only afford to use the pew kneelers at our catholic church as a balance beam ....more

Why my mom called me at work and other Chamorro mysteries

There were three separate calls my mom made to me at work yesterday. My mom doesn’t talk on the phone like a normal person, at least not with me. It’s always: LISTEN TO THIS URGENT THING! ...more