Good boots and bad intentions

I found these boots at my favorite thrift shop. They were brand-new with tags which meant they were probably the generosity of some unlucky shopper before me. Most shoes at thrift stores are junk ....more

My December 2016 Stitch Fix Review

On a whim, I signed up for a box from Stitch Fix. I work in a trendy office, one that isn’t all suit in tie but also isn’t yoga pants and hoodies (I wish!) and I know some of the others sign up for various fashion subscriptions, including Stitch Fix. I usually do not trust any fashion choices to anyone else–I have a history of my mother making me try on clothes *outside* the dressing room because “No one’s watching” (only the JC Penney security guards!) and my husband coming home from a conference in Austin and suggesting that I wear a bandana around my neck because he saw it on a waitress ....more

Thanksgiving with Mona

I love Thanksgiving. I love the food. I love the merriment ....more

Clowning and Celebrating the holidays with My Macy’s Holiday Parade

Yesterday, I ferried my family to downtown Seattle and into a hotel ballroom where Friday morning there will be hundreds of people...more

Snow Cap Sips at Pyramid Brewery

Seattle may be a coffee city, but its beer game is strong and last week I got to play with the pros. I joined fellow bloggers and drank beer in the heart of Seattle: Pyramid Alehouse. Pyramid Breweries are an institution in the Pacific Northwest but even with their long history of making beer lovers happy, they’re still inventing bold flavors and their downtown alehouse is the perfect place to flirt with their new ideas ....more

Wayson’s Working Binder

I’m not a big fan of the United airplanes I took on my way home to Saipan this summer. There were no in-flight tv screens or even a tv screen in the aisle so we could all watch “We Bought a Zoo” or some inane movie like that. The United app had some shows on it, but that meant you had to have a smart phone and some way to charge it throughout the flight because there was only outlet between two seats and had to be shared ....more

Gym, rats

don’t do this I redeemed my free personal training session that my new gym offered when I signed up. The trainer seemed nice enough but I forget most of what she said because she calculated my body mass index and said, “Well, it’s in the red” even though the chart was like 1% normal and 99% MOST OBESITY. Why is there even an index when most people are just going to fail? ...more

Nice things lately

I have to put together a list of nice things that have happened because I complain too much. God do I complain. All the time! ...more

story of a dress

A few weeks ago, I was in the Nordstrom Rack dressing room, clutching the fabric of an expensive dress on sale. It was a gorgeous dark purple gown, marked down to $40 from $279. But it was long ....more

You do you, unless you’re a Chamorro daughter 

I’m going to Saipan in August. Saipan in August is the hottest time of the year, in one of the hottest places in the world. It’s an island with cool blue water...more