Review: Let’s Go Places with the 2014 Toyota Highlander

For one week, I had the amazing opportunity to test drive a 2014 Toyota Highlander. I am not a car reviewer or a stunt driver. I am a comedian...more

silver linings

Bad news, bad news then good news: TJ has to have surgery again. He has a ventral hernia and has to have his stomach muscles fixed since they didn’t heal after the first surgery which can happen, especially with all the post-surgery infection he suffered the first time. But the good news? ...more

Sharing the Cheer with Whole Foods

Last night I enjoyed some high level fanciness: learning how to pair oysters and wine. I joined some other bloggers at the Whole Foods Interbay and was treated to super fun and informative night of matching these delicious shellfish as a different way to share the cheer. We all had placemats with each oyster and wine elegantly described ....more

Watching Fleetwood Mac and crying like a baby

Mike and I went to the Fleetwood Mac concert at the Tacoma Dome. I bought these tickets back in April as a birthday present for Mike, but really a gift for myself. I have loved Fleetwood Mac since ever since ....more

Hey guys!

I just realized that I gave out my website to a whole bunch of people so I should post something here that proves that I’m a comic and not just a mommy blogging mouth breather! Thanks for visiting! ...more

Penney’s from heaven

I took my mom shopping this weekend to one of her favorite places in the world: JC Penney’s. We have been lifelong JC Penney’s fans. I’ve never called it “Penney’s.” It seems too blasphemous ....more

mothers be shopping

I found my sister on sale at IKEA My mom and I have different ideas about shopping. ...more

What we talk about when we talk about this

It was like this: We thought it was the flu. TJ had been feverish late Monday night and throwing up early Tuesday morning. He was sick on Wednesday so I called the doctor’s office and the nurse said it sounded like the flu and to call back ....more