my body is my body 

I weighed myself for the first time since December and I’m only 8 pounds away from what I consider my comfortable weight, the weight I was when I went to Saipan....more

And now we are nine

Nathan turned nine years old. ...more

Review: R.A.F.T. (Rabbits Afloat From Thuringia)

This morning I took my boys to the first showing of the play “R.A.F.T (Rabbits Afloat From Thuringia)” at the beautiful ...more

A Timehop addiction 

I am addicted to TimeHop, an app that plays with my emotions by reminding me what I posted last year or the year before or six years before that, good lord I have been on the Internet a long time and what do I have to show for it?! Likely nothing because Timehop tells me! ...more

My favorite Mona songs

I was born as Ramona after the patron saint of pregnancy. Not the most fun saint (St. Bibiana, the patron saint of hangovers!), but still important to my mom who prayed that I would be born healthy ....more

The Blathering 2015

I attended my first ever...more

Quick takes from an old brain

TJ is doing great. Really great. He’s back to laughing and joking and sitting on my lap while I’m at the computer and playing this very delightful game (to him) called, “You can’t see anything!” The downside of his super quick bounce back is that physically, he still has to move slowly ....more

ventral hernias and very nice things

We arrived at the hospital to check in for TJ’s surgery at 6:30 AM and there was already a line to check in. There was something about standing in that line that made me so sad. This thought washed over me: we are all sick ....more

Team TJ: still recruiting members

Hi friends, I need your positive vibes, good thoughts, prayers, etc. for my son, TJ. He’s going back in for surgery this Thursday morning to fix a ventral hernia ....more

What makes me angry and what else is new, Mona?

I am very honored to be an Angry Reader of the Week! Angry Asian Man is a phenomenal site Other things that make me angry: 1. Stuck-up Seattle moms ....more