Hey guys!

I just realized that I gave out my website to a whole bunch of people so I should post something here that proves that I’m a comic and not just a mommy blogging mouth breather! Thanks for visiting! ...more

Penney’s from heaven

I took my mom shopping this weekend to one of her favorite places in the world: JC Penney’s. We have been lifelong JC Penney’s fans. I’ve never called it “Penney’s.” It seems too blasphemous ....more

mothers be shopping

I found my sister on sale at IKEA My mom and I have different ideas about shopping. ...more

What we talk about when we talk about this

It was like this: We thought it was the flu. TJ had been feverish late Monday night and throwing up early Tuesday morning. He was sick on Wednesday so I called the doctor’s office and the nurse said it sounded like the flu and to call back ....more

doing much better, thanks

We were in the hospital for 19 days but now we are doing much, much better. ...more

shows this week!

A few shows this week, friends, frienemies, and people who didn’t tell me there was something on my face when I asked, “Is there something on my face?” You know who you are!...more

My weekend at Bumbershoot

I attended Bumbershoot for the first time in my life. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to do it because it was two truly magical days. I came as an attendee but next year I’ll do my best to be there as a performer because performers were given free food, booze and puppies to hold and I love all those three things, food most of all ....more

What I learned from Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

When I was a teenager, I had my runes read. ...more

Feature in Persephone Magazine

The very wonderful Luann Algoso...more