The Price of Candy - Authors for Trayvon

On Feb 26, 2012, Trayvon Martins life was cut short as he walked to a family member's home from a convenience store where he purchased some candy. The price of candy for this seventeen year old child was his life....more

A Rose By Any Other Name

Hello readers. I hope you’re all doing great. Today I want to discuss something that’s been on my mind for a long time—names. Or more specifically author names....more

Something for the weekend - WIP excerpt

Hello readers, how are you all doing? I'm doing great. I've been busy, writing book 3 of Men of Valor series titled His Princess, working on editing book 2, His Strength, and of course preparing the PR for the release of book 1, His Treasure. It's only a few more days to 2 December. I can't wait. :o)...more

Book release date

Welcome back to ThrustyTM Thursday. This week I’m happy to announce the release date for my first book. It is a historical romance novella titled His Treasure and set in pre-colonial West Africa. The release date is 2 December 2011. Yay!Can you tell I’m excited? LOL.It’ll be out just in time for Christmas, so now you know what’s going on your list, right? Mark the date....more

Exciting news and novel excerpt

This week on ThrustyTM Thursday I’m sharing some good news. Well, if you’ve been following my FB updates or tweets then it’s not so new to you.The news: I’ve been offered a publishing contract for one of my historical romance novellas. Yay! In fact, as I type this, the contract is open on my desktop. Pages of legalities that boil down to one phrase – my work has been recognised as good enough to be put on a bookstore shelf alongside other great romance books out there for customers to buy....more

Coming Home

This week on Romantic Friday Writers, the theme is Coming Home. My contribution is a new story that came to me last night.Tonye Hume, the prodigal son, returns to his childhood home in Port Harcourt, Nigeria for the first time in fifteen years. In his case, he is back successful and wealthy. And his father is dead. Yet, his return awakens so much from his past that he’s kept buried – secrets, betrayal and pain....more