Carrots, Literal and Otherwise

In my quest to lead my extra poundage into the forest and leave it hopelessly lost, never to find me again, I have gone astray. To start, I have mistaken several boxes of chocolate-covered cherries for wholesome vegetables. And I've stretched the definition of exercise so far, it's given up and gone into hibernation. What I need are carrots. The literal kind are waiting for me at the super--they're easy. It's the other kind, you know, the kind that make me stick with some reasonable form of exercise, that are slim pickings. ...more

Self Concept and a Good Day

When I call myself a housewife, someone whose life is boxed in by cleaning other people's sh*t off the toilet, my life seems pointless and derailed. I resent my husband and snap at my kids for leaving clothes on the floor. I fixate on every smudge that separates me from household perfection. I turn into someone it horrifies me to be, the mother who's All Nag All The Time. I wonder in misery: how did I get here? ...more

Amen!  This gave me a big lift.  I can control what I call myself, and I define who I am. ...more

"You Know, I Could Die from This"

In September 2006, my fifteen-year-old daughter tripped on the steps at school. We sent her to physical therapy to help her weak right knee recover from the fall. As it turned out, her sail down the stairs wasn't the problem. Her leg kept buckling on her because she had a brain tumor. I wrote about her journey from the day we first heard the words "glioblastoma multiforme" to the first anniversary of her death. The blog was meant to inform family and friends, but it attracted a steady stream of readers from around the globe. ...more
What is the name of your blog?  I have been blogging about my family's story from after my dad ...more