"Play"Time is Over


Playing Dalai Lama style

I brought a slim little book with me today while using public transit. Luckily, I don’t get car sick if I’m facing forward, by a window, and the train or bus doesn’t stop much. The book was "The Dalai Lama, A Policy of Kindness". The little bits I was able to read filled me with inspiration and hope. I often save my reading for my night owl hours (headlamp blaring while my husband sleeps next to me—he gets up much earlier than I do) so this was a nice reminder to inject positive thoughts and energy into our lives whenever we can....more

Foot Play

     As I was attempting my run this morning with legs of lead, I noticed a little bird flitting through the bushes as I made my way down the trail leading to several sets of stairs.  A few years ago this steep ravine was transformed into Eagle Landing Park.  This park is a lovely little get-away a mere half mile from my house and can transport me back to a time when the land was all trees, birds and critters making their way down to the Puget Sound.  Of course, there weren’t the 270 metal stairs that can cause pain when used as a workout tool.  So this li...more


       My maternal grandmother had a wall in her living room lined with the portraits of her seven children.  My mother was at the end, since she was the youngest and my uncle Leroy at the beginning.  Leroy had the looks of a movie star—devastative handsome features.  You could imagine his wavy blonde hair and crystal blue eyes even though the photo was sepia-toned.  He was wearing his service uniform so it must have been taken right before he left for WWII when he was 18 years old....more

Animal Personas


Playful Invention


Golf Haiku

Address, Stance, Swing Through/ Looking Ahead to Soft Green/ Sinking Into Home/ 5/22/12...more

Hobbit Haiku

Rereading Bilbo Confront Fear, Step Out of Hole A Journey Begins 5/21/12 ...more

Road Trip

I survived the trip from Burien to Spokane with my state qualifier sprawled out on the back seat nursing her already sore knee that she accidentally twisted by catching her foot on her brother's jacket that was hanging off the chair where she was cutting hair ribbons as a final spirit gesture for her fellow female qualifiers since she is one of the captains. The tedium of the ride and the numerous nitpicks between annoying parents and tortured teen was nothing compared to the tap tap tap of trying to do this post on my I-pod. Tomorrow I will be back to writing Haiku. Fore! 5/20/12...more

Being the Spectator

      Nowadays, I spend most of my time at athletic events as a snack, water, and  sun screen providing spectator.  Today I was at a track meet for 4 hours to watch my daughter participate in approximately 4 minutes of activity.   I’m happy to do it, but it can be a little nerve wracking when there are other spectator duties waiting in the wings....more