10 Minute Eggy Udon Noodles

Oh, eggy Udon noodles, I do love you so. ...more

Karlynn & Mike’s Excellent Adventures

I’m not gonna lie, I might just be having a panic attack this morning. Someone pass me a paper bag to breathe into and everything will be ok. In all honesty while I’m not having a real panic attack (those are usually solely reserved for when I have to fly) I did have one of those random sit up in bed and gasp for air moments in the middle of the night last night ....more

Movie Night Kraft Peanut Butter Snack Bites

No bake recipes are my favourite ones to make with the kids because the term “no-bake” usually indicates that it’s fairly easy, not that messy and something that the kids can really get into and have fun with. The new Kraft Peanut Butter Snack Bites recipe is all three things, but it also had an added element of fun; you get to customize it any way you like! When it came time to come up with a delicious twist on these little peanut butter bites of heaven, I thought about our family and what we like to do ....more

Classic Weeknight Tacos

Today will not be known as Taco Tuesday. It will be known as freedom Friday, but still on a Tuesday! Just kidding ....more

Watergate Salad & Weird Parenting Advice

If you’ve been reading this website of mine for any time now at all, you’ll know that I have an obsession with pistachio pudding. OB-SESH-SHUN, folks. There’s obviously something wrong me with, but packaged pistachio pudding is seriously...more

The Best Deep Fried Battered Haddock

I was told the secret for a proper, crispy batter for deep-frying fish a long,long time ago by a chef friend. Indeed, not only a friend, but the head of a culinary arts program at a local post-secondary school. It’s so very simple ....more

28 Days With Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Night Cream

It’s twenty-eight days later and I’m back for a recap of the Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Night Cream that I’ve been trying out! No video this time, just a post. I have been actively using it while paired with the Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Eye Cream while travelling to California and back, then on our four-day road trip home ....more

Visiting Bar Tartine in San Francisco (Plus win a signed copy of their new book!)

Oh, San Francisco I do love thee. Your beautiful waterfront, your hip vibe, your famous restaurants…how can you not leave your heart here when you have to go home? I also love thee more when I don’t have my kids with me ....more

White Bean Ranch, Bacon & Cheddar Dip With Breton Popped! Beans Cracker Chips  

I think that my favorite part of working on my website is getting to try out all sorts of new products and coming up with recipes using them. I love recipe development, there’s nothing that inspires me more than coming up with a new recipe for you guys using products that you can readily buy yourselves from the store shelves. This time around, I am working with Breton, trying out their new line of gluten free Breton Bean crackers and Breton Popped! ...more

Cheesy Beef Lasagna

My daughter, for all her pickiness, is a lasagna connoisseur. I do believe she is a reincarnation of that orange cat we all loved in the 80’s, Garfield. She will always eat lasagna, unless, of course, it’s seafood or vegetable ....more