The "S" Diet

Kitchen Diva’s “S” DietThis time of year when most of us faintly remember that resolution to recover our waistlines after the decadence of the past holidays, some of us turn to program diets (Jenny, Weight Watchers, etc.) or supplements (like the new Hoodia). But if you will follow Kitchen Diva’s “S” diet you will have an easy life-long plan of weight control:...more

Super Bowl Sliders

Right behind Christmas and Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday ranks as the third largest occasion for Americans to consume food, according to the National Football League. Some people revere this game-viewing day as a national holiday. It certainly is a great excuse to invite a bunch of friends over for food and fun. I’ve always wondered why NFL doesn’t move the game to Saturday to give us all a chance to recover from, ummm, over imbibing on all this food and adult libations but I guess that will be next year’s rant....more

Soups and Breads that Love Them

When I woke this morning the temperature was much below my comfort level. Not much of a sunrise either, replaced by a cloudy, dreary dawn: the kind of day that begs for hot soup. I pulled my robe tighter and as I settled into my daily routine, my catalogue of soup recipes started pestering me: each one arguing its case to create a hot, vibrant antidote to such a colorless day. The best persuasion came from one of my favorites: Taco Soup....more