"...our idea of danger is eating gluten..."

"NBC is running a Super Bowl ad that makes fun of those who are gluten-free. It implies that we're soft...we're weak...we're part of America's problem. When all we're trying to do is manage our disease ....more

About That Tricksy THC-laced Halloween Candy...

Advertisement distributed by the United States Federal Bureau of Narcotics in 1935 It seems like every year the run-up to Halloween is the same: Outrage about slutty costumes for women followed by fear about what is going to be slipped into your kid's Halloween bag. The only thing different this year is that the slutty costume is something related to ebola and the fear-mongering is about marijuana. I live in Washington, where medical cannabis has been legal seemingly forever and recreational is more recently legal, so I possess a specialized knowledge set that includes such technical things as what that tricksy pot-infused candy everyone is suddenly scared of looks like ....more

Happy Burn Meat and Blow things Up Day, America!

If it's the Fourth of July, it must be time for my traditional celebratory photo. This year, I am a particularly proud mom because our daughter graduated from college and is starting law school. She's going to be a human rights lawyer and help us hang onto those freedoms that we like to say make our country special ....more

Michael Simon vs KFC: Let's Make This Happen!

Stipulated: I spend too much time on twitter. Blame it on illness and related short-attention span but 140 characters often suits me these days. Besides, stuff happens there ....more

Martha, Martha, Martha...

(source: twitter) Yes, it's a real tweet. Theories in comments, please ....more

French-toasted Framed Eggs: A recipe in rhyme

This is the bread that Beth bought. These are the swirls Inside of the bread that Beth bought. This is the holeThat hid in the swirlsInside of the bread that Beth bought ....more

A Christmas Miracle

from the archives ...being the true story of a Christmas Miracle, for Megan and other foodies at the 'rents for the holidays, with apologies to everyone else... Come on over and sit with me Megan. Let me tell you a story ....more

My Favorite Thanksgiving Bread: Rosemary Fans

Perfect for Thanksgiving, layered with olive oil and rosemary, and fun to make with the kids: Rosemary Fan Rolls Recipe ...more

Food Safety: Some Costco Kirkland Brand Chicken is Foster Farms

Reuters is reporting close to 300 people have become ill from Foster Farms chicken products contaminated with Salmonella Heidelberg. My usual response to this sort of thing is a quick look at the various government agencies tasked with food safety to get a handle on what's actually going on. The Centers for Disease Control swear they are on the job but the latest Foster Farms related information from them seems to be this update on a salmonella outbreak published in July ....more

Eat Like a Pirate on Talk Like a Pirate Day

from the archives... Breakfast for Talk Like a Pirate Day. Take one egg in frame, add bacon and toast eyepatch ....more