Three Cheese Corn Cappelletti with Pancetta

So, I have this thing with corn. See, it’s my favourite thing to eat. Pretty much in the entire world ....more

Croque Monsieur – The Ultimate Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Alright, here we go, back at it after a week of house-wide sickness, and then another week trying to get everything back in order and the house clean. Sorry. It’s that whole balance thing where, while I love being a blogger, until I’ve got three kids in school (aka the glory years), ...more

Is it ok if I go cry in a corner?

As a self-professed do-er of everything, it really sucks when a week comes along and metaphorically kicks you in the nuts. Oliver brought the stomach flu home 190-ish hours ago (I’m totally not counting...more

Deviled Eggs

I’m still working through my favourite dishes to bring to summer BBQ’s. This is another of those that I grew up eating and loving. I don’t know why I always thought they would be so hard to make, or time-consuming ....more

Site Issues

Just a quick update – I was trying to switch to new servers over the weekend, but there were a lot more hiccups than expected (sorry for the massive down time). For the time being everything has been put back to how it was, with the hope that it’ll be sorted out in the next couple of days and switched properly. Downside: It is a MAJOR pain in my ass right now, and the main reason that I have not...more

BBQ Jerk Chicken Pizza #GrillWithGrace

There is nothing more that I enjoy in the summer then grilling a meal outside. The kids can go crazy in the backyard, Bo can...more

The Ultimate Guide to Pizza on the Grill (and the best dough recipe for grilling)

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve pretty much read every authority I could for doing pizza on the grill. My obsession with it started last summer, when on a whim I bought a ball of pizza dough and some fresh mozzarella because I didn’t feel like the salmon I was making for Bo. It was the most half assed attempt at pizza on the grill ever, but there was just something so great there, I had to learn how to do it right ....more

Creamy Dreamy Lemon Loaf (Shhh… They’re better than Starbucks!)

What better way to start off the Saturday of a long weekend (thank you Queen Victoria!) than with a bright, fresh, tart, summer lemon loaf recipe. If you’ve ever taken a bite of the one from Starbucks, you’ve been wanting to make it at home. If you’ve ever taken a bite of this loaf, which I was lucky enough to find over at Kristyn’s Lil Luna blog, then you’ll never think about that Starbucks one again ....more

Ultimate Macaroni Salad – Amish style with eggs and cheese

There are a few things that you just can not buy. I was walking around, trying to pick out some easy sides for a BBQ last Saturday, trying to make life easier by not making everything from scratch. I picked up the macaroni salad (it was basically fluorescent orange), I looked at the tiny little container for $6, and I started doing the math on how much we would need to feed everyone (and none of us enjoy, again, it was fluorescent orange) ....more

Peach Tea Granita

I don’t think anyone is happier than I am that summer is just around the corner. The kids are finally outside all afternoon on the playground, my hammock is gearing up for afternoons spent flipping through magazines, and the BBQ is finally working its magic a few days...more