It's Done

I filed yesterday.  Today he got served at work.  Pardon me for any typos, I've had a lot of wine.He is mad.  Why is he mad?  He was planning on moving to the other city to be with her.  He sure as heck doesn't want to be with me.  This is what he wanted.  To hell with him.  He's a bastard....more

I Did It

Today I filed for divorce.  I guess he'll be served this week.  Not sure what his reaction will be.  He should be thrilled.  He already told our boss (yes, we work together) that he wanted to relocate to another city (the city where she lives of course).  When the boss told me that he had asked that I was like "Really!  You didn't think that was odd???"  Men.......more

Things Will Get Better

I wish I could turn off my emotions and let my head rule.  I think I'm doing pretty good actually considering what's happening, but I also think the credit for that goes to citalopram.I feel like I need constant affirmation that I will be ok and in fact better off without him.  It's ridiculous that I feel so needy right now.  He is not a good person so why am I so upset over this rejection from him.  But I don't have a good history with men.  I'm not sure why I pick the wrong person time and time again....more

A New Beginning - Compelled Upon Me

This is the beginning.  The beginning of a new life.  I should be grateful for this.  My husband is, to put it mildly, not a good husband.  I have often fantasized about him finding another woman so I wouldn't have to put up with him anymore.  My wish has been granted....more