Stitch Fix Review, #4

It’s Stitch Fix review time! Or, as I think when I walk out on the porch to take photos, THE MOST AWKWARD TIME OF THE WEEK! Just kidding ....more

The Secret to Getting Alone Time

I’m writing this from my favorite local taco shop, late in the afternoon. Bob Marley is playing in the background and I’m alone. I don’t know what it’s like to have kids who can be left home by themselves, but I do know what it’s like to have a gaggle of girls ages 5 and.. ....more

How God Met Me Last Year, Part 3

I don’t really remember how it all came to a head. Duff knew I was struggling, we talked openly about it. But there was a point when things suddenly became more intense ....more

Follow Your Heart, Kid (Thrive Moms)

I’m over at Thrive Moms today, sharing about what we did when the cold, rainy weather ruined our last day at the beach. My kids were devastated. So I told them to follow their hearts… ...more

Dear Piper: 11 Months

Piper, The older you get, the more your name degrades into these cutsie, awful nicknames I can’t keep myself from using. Like this: Pipesie-Wipesie. What is that? ...more

How God Met Me Last Year – Part 2

So there was the comment from a friend that made me aware of the edge on my attitude, and there was the NUMBER, bigger than ours, from a younger church plant. The flicker grew into a flame, and then this other thing happened. We were meeting in the afternoons, so Duff did a fair amount.. ....more

How God Met Me Last Year – Part 1

You know how sometimes it’s hard to share about something when you’re in the thick of it? When you’re facing something hard and it’s a little disorienting and you just aren’t sure what it’ll look like on the other side? Sometimes the truth is too scary to say outloud ....more

The Best of ABDK – 2014

I think I’ve mentioned that back in 2004 or so, I started a blog called “Always a Little Behind.” “Behind” was a nickname of mine in college because of my maiden name, and I thought I was PRETTY clever with that blog title. Early this week I watched the internet explode with posts looking back... Read more » ...more

Gingerbread House Smash

Are you a “clean it up right away” person or a “let’s leave the decorations up till Valentine’s Day” person? I feel like my friends are a healthy balance of both. Except for the one who’s 34 weeks pregnant and who’s tree has a big vertical line of lights out on each side ....more

marriage is friendship adorned with romance

Last Valentines Day, Duff spoke at a marriage conference. VALENTINE’S DAY. Let that sink in ....more