finding church on the first day of school

Yesterday was my daughter’s second full day of kindergarten and once again, we survived. I have to say, the wave of emotion that hit after I dropped her off the first day was…spectacular. I didn’t expect it ....more

For Reflection – August 23

Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy. Aristotle ...more

Sending Them to Kindergarten, Part 2 (A Letter to Liv)

Dear Liv, I have a vivid memory of sitting with you in my lap at our old house in Columbia. The office was painted this weird red color, and I was blogging. I think I was writing your 6 month letter, when I had this moment where I thought of you as a 6 year.. ....more

Sending Them to Kindergarten, Part 1

My Liv starts kindergarten this week. Kindergarten! Breathe it out, those of you who knew and loved baby Liv ....more

For Reflection – August 9

We all long for Eden and are constantly glimpsing it: our whole nature is soaked with the sense of exile. ...more

Stitch Fix July Review

Last month’s Stitch Fix delivery was a fun one – I finally kept some jeans! Sort of. And my stylist Elizabeth definitely came through for me – I’ve said all summer that I basically want glorified t-shirts ....more

Thrive Moms – Keep Moving Toward Each Other

Yesterday was Mystery Tuesday, so it was particularly appropriate that my latest post for Thrive Moms went up. In it, I talked about what happens when your kids don’t cooperate, or aren’t grateful, or are just frustrating party poopers in general. For those of you who are new, Mystery Tuesday is a summer thing we’re.. ....more

For Reflection – August 2

Many people feel unaware of any guidance, unable to discern or understand the signals of God; not because the signals are not given, but because the mind is too troubled, clouded, and hurried to receive them. - Evelyn Underhill ...more

Chatbooks – The Only Photobooks I Actually Make (READ TODAY!)

Listen up – important, timely news here. Have you heard of Chatbooks? It’s an app that allows you to make photobooks from your Instagram stream ....more

So, Will You Have More?

When I was 24, I ran my first half-marathon. My siblings are all very athletic and I am not, so completing 13.1 miles AT ONCE was a big deal and they knew it. They came downtown to try to catch a glimpse of me plodding along and I think I saw them briefly around mile.. ....more