Goodbye Bad Love, It's Been Real!

Originally published on As We Write It. I've sort of been sitting on this for awhile. I have wanted to write this entry since a day or so after it happened, but I couldn't find the words. It's been a trying six months....more

The Search for Mr Fabulous: The End of Online Dating

I did say I was going to give it a fair go ahead and I think a year is a good chunk of time to having yourself out there for the good, the bad and the crazy to contact you for a date. It was an interesting ride filled with men who turned out to be married , then there was Mr....more

My iPhone:An Homage to My Failed Relationships

Several months ago when I first started dating The Bad Boy, he got fed up with the Needtobreathe, David Gray, Ray LaMontagne mix that is forever playing in my car. He clicked through, settling on Atreyu and said "you can't complain, it's in your ipod, you liked it at one point in your life." I laughed as he continued to click through and when he hit Metallica he gave me that you got to be kidding me look. I explained it was left over from the days of Matt and that I never took it out. He laughed and it was dropped. ...more

The Search for Mr. Fabulous: Dear Future Lover

Originally published on As We Write It....more

The Search for Mr. Fabulous: Only My Grandmother...

"I was watching that movie you know, the one with Mr. Darcy? Yeah. And I thought of you." [pause] I begin to smile, thinking my grandma is referring to me one day meeting my very own Mr. Darcy. "You know, when her friend marries that bad guy and she says 'I'm 27 years old, I'm a burden to my parents, what choice do I have?'" Blank, gaping-mouth stare as I try to comprehend what my grandmother has just said. ...more

The Search for Mr. Fabulous: Letting Go of the Past

Originially published on As We Write It....more