I Survived NaBloPoMo 2011

When I originally signed for the NaBloPoMo, I briefly wondered about my sanity. Me, a blogger?? While I can safely say that I am very motivated by accountability, it now seems incredible to me that the thirty days is up. I like to write and words come fairly easy. My posts typically average between 400 and 700 words, of which, practically half is usually taken up by a recipe. This makes it feels a bit of a stretch to actually call it writing....more
I want the T-shirt! Is that for real? Congrats to you-- I think I doubled the number of my ...more

How to Host a Christmas Cookie Exchange

I already have visions of sugar cookies dancing in my head. They were given a head start by the batch of pumpkin cut-outs that my sister brought with her on Thanksgiving. Apparently it is a tradition in my brother-in-law's family to bake sugar cookies for Thanksgiving....more
You asked what my favorite cookie is...the spices in this Swedish Honey Cookie keeps me coming ...more

Grocery Sale Cycles - When Do Things Go on Sale?

Today is Cyber Monday when the rabid pursuit for deals continues on from Black Friday. Certainly this would be a good time to pick up new kitchen appliances if you need them. I have a coffee maker (pictured above) that has leaked for the better part of two years. My solution has been to use a cute kitchen rag (which I change out by season) to sop up the water. Perhaps I will actually replace the darn thing soon....more
Wow-- thanks for the detailed list. I had to chuckle about your coffee pot leaking. Ours ...more

No-Roux Turkey and Andouille Gumbo

It has been my tradition every year to make turkey broth from the frame and then use it to make turkey gumbo. Exactly one year ago I spent hours trolling the 'net for other gumbo recipes. In the long run, I decided I like my recipe the best for ease of cooking and minimal cooking oil....more

Turkey Tortilla Soup - Low Fat and Healthy

The kitchen is clean, the china is put away, the floor has been mopped and Thanksgiving is over. But the leftovers remain. If you're feeling like you overdid it yesterday, this recipe brings a light, clean and healthy way to use up the remaining turkey. It's low calorie, low-fat and high on protein. Bonus points for it being a warm meal that is filling, too....more

Thanksgiving Nostalgia

I spent every Thanksgiving with my parents (and grandparents) until I was 21. To my recollection, we had the same menu each year; roasted turkey, crouton stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, squash from a box that only my mother ate and cranberry sauce from the can that only Grannie ate. Some twenty odd years later, not much has changed menu-wise....more
Happy Thanksgiving! That's a very good looking first turkey!more

Kat’s Easiest Appetizer (Ever) – Baked Brie

We’ve never been a family that traditionally has appetizers on Thanksgiving. We usually put out a pupu platter of olives, pickles and baby corn to let people graze before the main feast....more