The State of Your Mental: 7 Signs You May Not be as "Okay" As You Think

I'm just coming out of a depression. This came as quite a surprise to me because I had no idea that I was actually in a depression. As I think about what I am about to write here, I'm not certain why it's such a big a surprise given my life over the past few months. First, I found a lump under my armpit. While I knew that to be a sign of lymphoma/leukemia. For me, it actually turned out to be nothing. Praise God. But the stress of knowing it was there until I found out it was nothing was almost unbearable....more

Mind Tricks Aren't Just for Jedis: Top 4 Ways to Dump Your Mate Without Dumping Your Mate

Resistance is futile. You're at the end of your rope. The relationship has drawn to an unsatisfying end. Despite five screaming matches, four silent treatments, three nasty emails, two doors slammed, and a prayer that your partner would fall off the edge of a round Earth, they refuse to let go. Refuse to stop calling. Refuse to stop stalking your house....more

Top Secret--For Men Only: Top 5 Ways to Unfairly Win an Fight with Your Mate

Top Secret--For Men Only: Top 5 Ways to Unfairly Win an Fight with Your Mate (Pt. 2) Fellas, I'm gonna take a hit for this one, but--unlike Fox News--I'm fair and balanced. I pride myself on it....more

Top Secret--For Women Only : Top 5 Ways to Unfairly Win a Fight with Your Mate (Pt. 1)

By K.L. BradyAuthor of The Bum Magnet...more

Think You're Ready to Love Again? Answer These 6 Questions Before Taking the Leap

Maybe you've taken a break from dating for a while because you've been hurt. Maybe you're a recovering bum magnet who has taken the necessary time to heal your wounds so that you can be the best version of yourself when you begin a new relationship. Whatever your situation, your time off must include some time to assess whether you're really get back in the game....more

Break Ups Too Hard? Here are the Top 8 Easiest Methods to Chuck 'Em And Run

Breaking up with someone you've been committed to for any length of time really bites the big one. Sometimes we hang onto relationships far longer than we need to (or have to) because we're do chickensh*t to do the deed and give our soon-to-be ex the AXE. We don't know how or when to do it. We don't know what to say. So, sometimes it just feels easier to do nothing and suffer in silence. After all, if you're unhappy long enough, they'll catch on and leave you eventually, right? ...more

4 Ways to Embrace Your Inner B*tch!

Oh...she's in there. You know she is. You love her. Sometimes you're afraid of her. Nearly all the time, you respect her. She doesn't listen to or tolerate BS from anybody. She thinks what you're too afraid to think, says what you're too shy to say, and does the things you couldn't fathom doing on your bravest day. She's courageous, daring, And she doesn't give a damn about what others think of her. And she's always bags the best men! ...more

Stepping Out II: Top 6 Reasons Men Cheat

Stepping Out II: Top 6 Reasons Men Cheat He's staying a way from home more often, sometimes late into the night, offering lame excuses. He avoids answering his phone when you're in his presence or takes his calls to another room. He begins to criticize you more and more, suddenly you picking up weight...or you need exercise and tighten up your act a little bit. And he avoids you like a bill collector....more

Stepping Out: The Top 5 Reasons Women Cheat

I had a conversation with a male friend recently, and he asked me what are some of the signs that a woman might be cheating. I thought to myself, "You dare ask me to divulge ancient SistaGirl secrets to your kind?" So, I deflected the question and turned it back around on him asking, "The real question you need to ask yourself is: Does she have reason to cheat?" ...more

Relationship on the Rocks? Top 7 Signs You Might Need to Pack It In

Relationship on the Rocks? Top 7 Signs You Might Need to Pack It In ...more