Art & Spirituality

Dear Blogher, What happened to subjects like art and spirituality? Fearing I'm putting my hand into a hornet's nest: not everybody is a mom. Somewhat the "not moms" of no particular category with extensive interests and artsy inclinations seem to be forgotten. I see it in my med school, the students with kids talk about baking bread and husbands. It is like a brickwall, impossible to break through. It becomes a serious jargon and one feels funny when trying to fit in. Please Blogher, cater to the "non moms" as well! Femininity is not just one mindset. ...more

If you click All Topics, you'll see a menu drop down and Religion & Spirituality is there (under ...more

Did I know you?

In a poem Rolf Jacobsen wrote to his late wife, he asked: "Did I know you?" When I think of my partner in life, my work as a musician, I pose the same question. I have worked as a musician for a few years now. My old mentor when attending the conservatory, was one of the grand old ladies of teaching. She was an adult before the rebellion of 1968. She was one of those who are so blessed, she never had needs.   ...more

The Wonderful Kimono Ladies

My most marvellous shopping experience has been at Ichiroya. This is a wonderful business selling vintage Japanese antiques, Japanese kimono, vintage textiles and kimono related items. Being in love with textiles, I've bought a lot from them and never been disappointed. Their kindhearted service is also a strong point. Please have a look at their shop:   ...more

By the way, my profile picture is one of their ...more

Little Sofie's Christmas Preparations

Our little darling, Sofie the hamster, is chewing phone wires for a living. She never lets us forget that she knows best how to cut things with an interesting texture. You should think broccoli was more fun, but Soffs, bless her rodent soul, knows better. She even has her own phone wire, and strangely enough, that's the only one she cuts to pieces these days. She has a lot of sense. ...more

My friend H

No news still, as the world is crying for change, my friend will go through the biggest change of all, if she hasn't already. She has kept me at arm's length while being ill. It reminds me of my father; nobody should know he was ill, but he was home all day, not working. I'm not sure it is the way to go. Today I got a transitional robe. A Japanese wedding coat, an uchikake. It is the most beautiful garment imaginable, strewn with cherry blossoms. So many transitions. Change, as a phenomena, is the only thing we know will happen. ...more

My stern friend's dark silhouette

My stern friend the maple has lost all his leaves. Right now he stands in the garden as a beautiful, black silhouette agains a dark violet night sky. I think of Lord Byron's poem "My Soul is Dark".   ...more

The picture

I just looked at my friend's picture. It is not a good one. It seems difficult to capture the essence of a person's being in a photograph. Some people say the soul is more prominent in a picture, as "the noise" surrounding the person is less obvious. I'm not sure. Of course, a picture is a split second, a moment's expression, not life nor movement. It might be "cleaner", but I miss the movement, facial expressions changing; life. ...more

Apples from Heaven

Today, I quote a story from two lovely Japanese ladies in my blog "the Mad hatter's Apprentice". It is awesome and touching, a story about altruism and the earth. ...more


Today I try to rest. It is somewhat difficult, my little work-Jimmiy-Cricket keeps creeping up my back. He whispers: "You must to more practise, more cramming, more....." I try not to listen, sleep feels like the only option and I think my stern friend agrees. He is preparing for winter. I wish I knew what he is thinking. Today I tried weeding, getting rid of some parasites on his stem, but just knocked my heard on one of his branches. So, sleep is it, it seems. ...more

My stern-looking friend

My stern-looking friend, the maple is slowly turning orange. Somehow I wish I could talk to him, but it would be a little bit scary to what he has to say. He looks like a serious guy, mostly into aestethics. He also runs a housing service for birds and a few bats. He seems very into his businesses.   I finally feel like a musician again. It has been some time. It is very inspiring getting the studio painted as well. The carpet made the music sould like wool. The room is still a bit eccentirc, but all in all quite nice. Let's hope for a little peace and quiet today.  ...more