There's A Fine Line.... and Football

There’s a fine line between hope and fear, fantasy and reality, worry and obsession when you have a child with chronic illness. Keeping your feelings in check, and your perspective clear can feel like walking a tightrope. Swaying just a bit to one side or the other can throw off the balance, and that can spell disaster....more

Hope Floats

Hope floats. ...more

You Don't Know Me (but I can change that) Part 2

No, you DON’T know me…but I can change that.I may look familiar, but you don’t know me.  You don’t know my kid. You may see us, and think you can judge, based on appearances, but things aren’t always what they seem.Instead of getting angry, instead of feeling defeated, I can change that, or at least I can try....more
pamodeo thanks for taking time to share your story too- not all handicaps are visible, and they ...more

No, you DON'T Know Me

I guess I have one of those familiar faces, because I seem to get it a lot. The head cocked to one side, the awkward pause, then “Do I know you?”Normally that comes after I get that strange feeling like someone is staring at the back of my head....more
@Robin Black thanks for taking time to comment! I agree to a degree, but being semi-famous has ...more

Mary & Martha, and Myositis too.

Mary, Martha & Myositis… what do they have in common besides cool alliteration? Glad you asked!I’m not gonna lie. I’m not a salesperson. I know a lot of people who do direct sales and do well with it. I have GOOD friends who do (if you need an independent consultant for just about anything, let me know. I probably have a friend in it and can hook you up!) But me? Not so much, and I HAVE tried!I’ve given up on direct sales since it’s really not my personality. I swore off any “new” campaigns to “get in on the ground floor.” I can’t hear you, lalalalala....more

Taking The Bull By The Horns

“Taking the bull by the horns.” It a common idiom, and doesn’t really need too much explanation. It means facing a problem head on and tackling it, plain and simple....more


If you are a foodie or a food network junkie (like me!) You already know all about Chopped!...more

Facebook Saved My Life

Facebook saved my life. Well not literally (although it has saved some), but I have to create something catchy to draw you in!I guess a better title really would be “Facebook saved my sanity”  and here’s why. ...more
@A FIFO wife although our perspectives for facebook are a bit different, the concept of allowing ...more

Uninspired and Defeated?

Its one of those days, we al have them.  You know exactly what I mean. I'm feeling uninspired and defeated....more

The Art of Winning

Some say there is an art to winning, others debate that it’s just about luck. Our culture is obsessed with winning! We follow the wins and losses of our favorite pro or college teams. We talk about winning the lottery. If something is good for both parties, we call it win-win.Winning is a hot topic.  You can buy books about it. You can take an extension class or seminar to instruct you how....more