Seven Bicycling Tips For Beginners (or Re-Beginners)

Better weather is finally here, and more people are getting out on their bikes! I know, there are plenty of articles out there with tips for beginners. But I've been pondering things that I wish I had known when I started bicycling again....more

I do so want a bicycle. There are some great paved bike trails around here and it looks fun. I ...more


I work in an elementary school computer lab. When students come in to the lab to write, they’ve usually got something on paper already. But when they sit down at the computer, the first thing they want to do is change the color, the font, the size, anything but actually write.Is this the procrastination impulse? Is it like when we as adult writers have to gather paper, sharpen pencils, find the perfect pen? Or when we have to check email and Twitter first, and have the perfect cup of coffee on hand before we start to write?...more

Health Care Reform - What's Really Important?

We can argue all we want to about how health care should or should not be provided. Should we have a public option or co-ops to compete with private insurers? Should we have a single-payer option like in Canada, or should government not be involved? Or, we can look beyond that, to what we all really want underneath. What are the underlying values that are important to us in a health care system? Can we agree on any of these, even if we disagree on the solution? Here’s a starter list of what’s important to me: ...more

Beating Depression, One Day At a Time

I left work early today, not because it’s the Friday before a three-day weekend, but because I was paralyzed by anxiety and depression.   This is an ongoing condition, but today I don’t even remember how or why I became depressed.  Was it the overwhelming chatter of the fifth graders, or the incessant “I need help!” of the kindergartners?  I’m not sure.  I simply became unable to function, and had to leave the room in the middle of the kindergarten class to take a quick walk.  Fortunately, since I’m only the computer lab assistant, there were other adults there, so this was n ...more

My sister had Post partum and reading your post reminds me of what she went through ...more

Can I Tell You a Story?

I loved reading The Yellow Wallpaper.  It's a heartbreaking story, but so well written and accurate.  I was happy to write a paper about it for my literature class, and thought I did a good job.  After all, I had learned to write proper sentences, paragraphs, essays, and reports way back in elementary school.  My teachers had always praised me, and I'd even won an essay contest in middle school. ...more

You're probably right about the over-thinking.  It really is just one of those negative ...more

New Here!

Hi, I'm Kathleen from Portland, OR.  I blog at (which will hopefully show up in my signature!).  I've heard great things about BlogHer, and finally decided to join. ...more

Hmmm...I guess that signature I created was only for comments.  Lesson one!  :-) ...more