Stuff Moms Say (Even though we promise we never will)

I'm not the only one who swore who's shocked to hear what comes out of my mouth am I?What's the most unexpected thing you've told your children?Happy Mother's Day!...more

What's the Deal with Men and Their Underwear?!

As I was unpacking boxes and setting things up in our new closet, my husband's undies gave me pause. Why can't he get rid of his old underwear? Is you sig oth like this?...more

Cool New Travel Gear

After attending the International Home and Housewares Show and the Travel Goods Show which was held at the same location, I was granted a few review samples of some of my most exciting finds. And I have the perfect opportunity to put them to the test this week given this my family/working vacation to Orlando for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. Take a peek at the video:...more

Urgh. I tried to embed it, but that didn't seem to work. You'll have to click through to see it ...more

Bloggers and Trade Shows: The Real Deal

Last week I attended the International Home + Housewares Show. That show is always a hot ticket in Chicago and I was delighted to be attending as a blogger and member of the media. Err, make that a guest of the trade. Confused? I was after learning about my change in badge status....more

Real Estate Myth Busters: Property Sluts Episode 14

In this episode our intrepid house hunter (me!) feeds her anxiety with chocolate chip cookie bars and tackles some common real estate myths.  ...more

The Breakup: Property Sluts Episode 11

After months of hoping and waiting, my heart is broken.Kim blogs at Hormone-colored Days and is a managing editor of The Chicago Moms. She connects bloggers and brands at MomImpact....more


Finally, a comment (two!). I don't know if you've been watching the full series, but ...more

The Buyer's Market: Property Sluts Episode 10

True, this episode of my not-ready-for-HGTV vlog series is animated, but ironically, it's also the most true to life.*sigh*...more

The Home Office: Property Sluts Episode 6

Now that we've dragged out the winter gear- boots, heavy jackets, mittens, snow pants and such- my parents' house is starting to feel even more crowded. How do I cope? Where do I find space to work? Wherever I can!How does this compare to your home office?...more

5 Easy Steps to a Great Housewarming Party: Property Sluts Episode 8

In this episode of Property Sluts, Shawn Rabideau, party planner to the stars, shares a few simple steps that I'm eager to use for my housewarming party. ...more

Property Sluts Episode 7: Santa, Baby

Our house-hunters head to a popular appliance store to see what's new in kitchens and grab a few cookies. A special visit with Santa provides a new sense of optimism for our intrepid host. (Yes, just like Brittany in Glee!)...more