A public service announcement

I haven't written anything this week on purpose. Most blogs are, by their nature, all about the writer, whether it be day-to-day events or the writer's opinions about something or other.This week would have been awful for you to read and for me to write, because it was spent anticipating yesterday's date with my doctor. For a colonoscopy.Now that it's over – and I'm fine, perfectly fine, thankyouverymuch – I'm here to say if you're 50 or older, it's time to schedule one ....more

Better this morning. So far.

I really had to lay low yesterday. I know some people can lose their lunch (or, in my case, breakfast) and feel terrific – I'm not one of those people. When I throw up I feel uneasy and ill for a long time afterward.So I didn't walk, partly because of that and partly because it was just too freakin' cold! ...more

Here's something annoying

I hate when I'm really, really hungry and I make the effort to make a good breakfast and then 10 minutes later I'm feeling sick to my stomach and it all comes back up again.Especially when the dishwasher is broken.Bacon and eggs and nothing to show for it except, dirty dishes, a spattered stove AND a bathroom to clean up.That is all ....more

Lather, rinse repeat.

Soooooo, it's been a while. Again.And, yes, I've been busy, but here's the thing. I usually write early-early in the morning, when nothing is pressing and the day's agenda hasn't even been set.So busy isn't much of an excuse.The truth is, there hasn't been much to write about ....more

Even when I wear it …

Yes, I wore the FitBit today (and yesterday). Yesterday was great. I was glad to be home, I had some energy, I was looking forward to The Game ....more

FitBit FAIL!

So I left last Friday for Tennessee and realized more than two hours into my trip that I wasn't wearing my FitBit.I wasn't too worried. I remembered throwing a bunch of electronic gadgetry into my laptop bag and figured I'd find it there.Alas, I didn't. I kind of panicked – it sucks to think you've lost a hundred-dollar doodad less than two weeks after you got it – and called my husband.He turned the house upside down until I finally suggested checking the sleep t-shirt hanging on a hook in the bathroom ....more

Perhaps I shouldn't have bragged

My first week using the FitBit was great, and I let both of you know about it. As has been said and proven many times, though, pride cometh before the fall.In my defense, I know I would have been taking those four-mile walks this week if it weren't for this cold snap. It's truly not safe to be outdoors with negative-number wind chills ....more

Fitbit: Week 1

I didn't know I'd be getting a handy-dandy wrap-up at the end of the first week of using the FitBit. But I did, and wow. I think I did pretty well! ...more


It's the ... 6th day of the month. 5th day I've returned to a paleo food plan ....more

Here we go

Both of you know how much I love, love, love gadgets. While my husband some may see the FitBit as a very expensive pedometer, I see it as a great motivator. I had originally planned to wait until yesterday to create my account and begin tracking, but I actually set it up the day after I bought it ....more