Keepsake quotes

I'm cleaning out my desk, and found a paperclipped bundle of quotes and sayings tucked in one of the little cubbyholes. I'm going to put them here, probably never to be looked at again, but they meant enough to me at one time to print them out and attach them to my refrigerator. Maybe they'll mean something to someone else someday ....more

10 Days

Still haven't been to the doctor ... it's just so darned easy to avoid waiting rooms and X-rays and my doctor suggesting that, ahem, as one gets older one can expect a little pain.Yes, he's said things like that to me in the past.So I've not taken an intentional walk for four straight days now, which is killing...more


I'm barely managing to get my four miles a day in lately. I see a visit to the doctor in the fairly near future to see what's going on with my right leg. I've been rollering it, thinking it might be iliotibial syndrome....more

He did it!

Lucky scaled Mt. Katadhin yesterday, early afternoon, ahead of schedule. He hasn't updated his journal yet, so I won't link to it, but I will when he does ....more

One down, one to go

Well, Scott Jurek did indeed break the supported speed record for hiking the Appalachian Trail, by about three hours.Lucky isn't able to update his journal – he's busy covering those last 50-ish miles! – but the weather in Maine has been decent and he should get to Katadhin tonight.Guess I'll have to find something else to do for a while.HAH! That's not difficult ....more

Lessons from the Appalachian Trail

I've been following two AT thru-hikers this year.I first wrote about Lucky in April, after he'd spent the night with us on his way north.He's almost at the end of the trail now. Yesterday's brief update said 51.8 miles to go. He wants to reach the summit on the 15th ....more

Wow. I had no idea.

So it's been a while. Again. It gets easier and easier to let the blogging go ....more

History, right before our very eyes

I said in a Facebook post this morning that this week has been amazing, but not very graceful. Except that part on Friday afternoon when the President of the United States of America sang Amazing Grace...more

A Lucky update

Our friend Lucky is less than 300 miles from Katahdin, Maine, on his hike of the Appalachian Trail.He's in New Hampshire, but has just 16.5 miles to get to the Maine border. Here's his most recent entry. It's more of a placeholder;...more

Been a while. Sorry about that.

I really just want to post pictures of puppies and baby goats and kittens. (Did you know there was a subset of kitten pictures on Google Images called Kittens With Guns? ACK!) I'm still walking, still eating mostly primal/paleo, still knitting the never-ending pullover ....more