Now that I belong to "the club"... the awful club that should close its doors yet daily accepts new members... I often view happy pregnant women as "The Others".LOST fans will know that The Others cannot be trusted. ;-)They will rip out your heart, stab you where it hurts, crush your spirit, insult you, and rattle your last exposed and super sensitive nerve. They will do these things on a daily basis and they won't even notice they're doing it!!!!Their favorite weapon of choice?...more

Oh Lord, Knit in ME!!!

Hi and welcome to my blog!This is a place where women who long to have a child can scream out to God, "Oh Lord, knit in ME!!!!!"Some of you might add a "pretty pretty please" or "a cherry on top" to your cry and that's fine. As long as no one barters any body parts or promises regular church attendance in exchange for God's answer, I'll allow it. ...more