The Swatch Report

You may have noticed that I'd confessed to having selected my needles for the Half-Circle Cardigan (hereinafter Rubies on the Half Circle) Project. It is true. You may recall that one knits a gauge swatch to make sure that the combination of yarn and needles that you're using produce a fabric that gets the number of stitches and the number of rows you need to have in an inch so that your garment will wind up the size you need it to be ....more

Needle Report - Darn Pretty Interchangeable Needles

Having now re-established that I know the relationship between needle sizes and gauge, I've finished swatching. First off, let me say that achieving gauge with yarn that is toying with you is in excellent way to interview needles....more

On Swatching -- in which I embarassed myself

So..... Swatching. That exercise in which you gather your chosen yarn, and the anticipated needles, and knit a big ol' square (or rectangle) so that you can figure out how many stitches and how many rows you're actually going to get when knitting....more

Hey.... it's a Knitting Post!!

Long, long ago, (seven years) The Divine Though Blogless Elizabeth and I were prowling around our LYS, and chanced upon a pattern that we thought was marvelous....more

On Learning

This weekend, I'm off in the hinterlands northwest of Chicago taking a CranioSacral Therapy seminar (my second four day seminar) CranioSacral Therapy is a glorious blend of really scientific (yes, we DO learn about ALL of the bones in the skull, how they interact, and what tissues they affect), and really intuitive work....more

Resolutions for 2014

I like the idea of making little life plans....more

Resolutions - 2013's in Review

In addition to that big change in approach about which I posted yesterday, I had also written up three general resolutions for 2013. 1) Plan ahead....more

Resolutions -- How I did this year.

Last year, I made some public resolutions....more

On Worry

Lately, I seem to be working with a lot of clients who are struggling with anxiety....more

Just A Little More

So there I was, three and 7/8th mitts knit and clearly about to run out of yarn....more