Published Monsters

This was supposed to be a gardening post. It is now a monster post.shelf sitter monster sculpture ...more

Fleur de Monster Free Crochet Pattern

Fleur de Monster is easy to crochet and great for using up those scrap yarns laying around your stash....more

Recycled Product Packaging

I'm working on a new design for my smaller items' packaging. I was using poly-bags. I have run out. I will not be buying more. I was cutting up my old plastic bags from purchases that I have made. I will not be doing this either, as the tape needed made recycling hard to impossible. I have decided to use paper. Paper is recyclable and biodegradable....more

Hooked V.1

I've been working on this for a while... actually these guys have been floating around my doodles since high school (remember guys?). Enjoy....more

Procrastinating on Monsters

I am sure everyone does this. You have an amazing project that you love. You suddenly find yourself busy with other amazing, but not as amazing as the other project, projects. Your amazing project (that you love) gets pushed to the back burner, and suddenly is the hardest thing in the world to finish. You become sad that your amazing project is not done. Suddenly nothing can be finished before your amazing (yet sad and neglected that you love) project. I have hit that point....more

Intoducing... Miss Lainey

My newest hat pattern is now available for purchase (Yay!). The Lainey Hat is more of a slouchy beret style which works up pretty quickly. The main pattern is a great texture stitch that I learned as a pineapple stitch. It's been modified and is being called a mini pineapple stitch....more

Petite Pineapple

A little peek of what I'm working on for pattern wip...more
I love them! They are really cool!more

I am Plush, Hear Me Roar

I am Plush, Hear Me Roar New in the shop... Mini Monster and a Monster Cozy....more

Adding to the Army

I am finally getting back into a nice groove. It's so nice that I started playing around with designs, monsters and even had an epiphany....more
Hahaha! I love them!more

Ouchi Gallery Reception

I GOT TO RIDE IN A FREIGHT ELEVATOR! Yes. This country mouse got to check TWO things off of her bucket list. I'm a little sad that I didn't think to take a picture of this event, but it's etched in my brain forever.The whole show was super fun. I was a little hesitant about going when I found out my sidekick wasn't able to accompany me to the show. Granted, me waiting until the last minute to remind her (because I can't seem to remember what day I'm on) didn't help. Note to self: figure out a way to get babysitting funds for KBG outings. Luckily my mother-in-law was game and off to Brooklyn we went! I almost didn't get lost too.Love knows No Boundaries...more