The Revival: A Documentary About Women In Hip Hop

Back in October of 2008, BlogHer's Suzanne asked "Where Are The Women In Hip Hop?"...more

What Was The Sound Of The 00s?

Whether you call them the 00s, the aughts, the aughties, the noughties or the naughties the decade is over. I had this discussion with someone on another forum: what sound or musical style defined the decade?...more

but in the last few years I've become fascinated with how music encapsulates and illustrates ...more

Kiss With a Fist: Violence in Pop Music

I was a little taken aback when I first heard Florence + the Machine much-hyped single, "A Kiss With a Fist." Not so much the subject matter -- you'd be naive to deny the history of violence in popular song (more on that latter) -- but the messages left in the band's shoutbox: "First time listen........great!!!" "LOVE this." "Love the energy of this song. And Florence looks hawt rocking out in the video." ...more

I'm SO in love with Florence and the Machine! Her album Lungs is amazing. I think I'm a ...more

2009: The Year In Music

For a lot of music fans, 2009 was "The Year of the GaGa." Lady GaGa, that is, assuming you haven't been hiding under a rock for the past twelve months. But no new artist Grammy? Idolator says...more

When Is It Too Early To Start Playing Holiday Music?

A mere twelve hours after Halloween's end my cable provider's Sound of the Seasons station was playing holiday music. Aren't we supposed to wait until after Thanksgiving? At least? I'm not the only blogger lamenting the premature appearance of holiday tunes....more

I love holiday music -- and I realized yesterday that it really is the feeling or idea of ...more

Do We Listen To Female Recording Artists (Or Even Their Fellow Fans)?

I guess an easy answer would be some do, but many still don't. Granted, I have only anecdotal evidence, but it doesn't surprise me while digging through some of my contacts music libraries, I found that male artists far outweigh female ones. (I actually did some tallying up -- because I am a nerd like that. It was around 5% at the low end, and 25% at the high.) ...more

Across all lines of music, women are in the second tier as far as opportunities go. Look at ...more

The Science Of Predicting Hits

I'll admit it: I'm a huge geek. But I'm also a huge music fan and always seem to find ways to marry my love for music with my love for all things technical and nerdy. So it probably comes as no small shock that I find this fascinating. Apparently, someone has developed software that can predict whether a song will be a hit or not. NPR's Laura Sydell on Music Intelligence Solutions' Hit Song Science:...more

Separating The Art From The Artist


I'll say it again.

There are plenty of great artists who are not rapists and ...more

When Childhood Icons Die

When hearing of Kurt Cobain's untimely, but not surprising, suicide 1n 1994, my initial reaction wasn't grief or shock, but fear that this would be one of those"defining moments" of my generation. Like the Baby Boomers before us had Elvis and John Lennon, two iconic figures whose lives were cut short, I had that first taste "Wow, life's short." But a suicide, while sad and tragic, is only a blip on the radar screen of life, and we expect out idols to live at least long enough to experience that awesome comeback tour. The ones that don't took Neil Young's advice a little too seriously. ...more

This post made me think about how our idealism dies when we're kids. And then I thought about ...more

More Of The Music That Made You

From Being There's "Sunken Treasure," Wilco's Jeff Tweedy sings, "I got my name from rock and roll." I've noticed the older I get, the more I write about my favorites from years gone by -- the music that shaped me, or at least shaped my tastes -- rather than align myself with whatever's newest, hippest, coolest. (Or more apt, what's "most blogged about.") Pretty typical, I guess, as my generation moves into its thirties and forties. I spent the better part of my week seeking out posts that do the same. Lism. ...more

overall, it would be either "Time" by Chantal Kreviazuk or "Proud" by Heather Small. Both are ...more