I Decided to Go Gluten Free Because I Have a Brain Cloud

BONUS POINTS if you can NAME THAT MOVIE.I'm tired, y'all.Exhausted.Sometimes beyond sanity and beyond all reason.This isn't a recent development, either. I've been tired for years. In fact, feeling wide awake and completely alert is such a rare experience that it becomes noteworthy whenever it actually happens.I've been to doctors. Three or four, in fact. And each of them has run all the standard tests.No, I'm not anemic. Usually....more

In Which I Realize I'm Sick of Being a Single, Mormon, 30-Something

So the Orange County LDS Singles decided to have a special quarterly church service for all the over-thirty single Mormons living between Los Angeles and San Diego.For some strange reason, I decided it would be a good use of my time to go and check it out.I blame it on the fact that I forgot to take my medication once or twice this week. Temporary insanity makes you do crazy things, yo.After getting up before the sun to go to my Ward Council meeting--(Where all the "leaders" of the ward get together and talk about people.)...more

Life Lessons I've Managed to Learn Despite Being a Good Mormon Girl

"Your Mormonism kind of freaks me out a little," he said.I laughed. I couldn't help myself.There have been many reactions to my choice of religious affiliation, but that one was new.It came as we talked about our wild college days. His involved underage drinking and recreational drug use. Mine included cosmic bowling and Dr. Pepper and wearing out copies of the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice....more