Mid-Month Relfection, words of thanks

KProcmomDiapers, Dishes, Lessons & HomeworkWhile reflecting on the past week and how I was able to do everything I needed, have some "me time" and kids be cared for- I need to thank my support!...more

Favorite Character.. Disney

Prompt for today is favorite character, but how do I pick one? ...more

Sunday Funday

Today was busy the whole family "worked"... Tim started early with ripping down our existing shed.  Which involved taking everything out first, the ripping everything apart and disposing....more

"This is the best Halloween EVER!"- Jack

Day 2: "This is the best Halloween EVER!"- Jack Happy Halloween Halloween was deemed "the best Halloween ever" by Jack while out Trick or Treating on Thursday....more

First Day Back

I am participating in a blog challenge for the month of November in hopes to get more active again with my personal blog.  I took on a "business" page and since then I have slacked on this one.  Not to mention since the school year started our schedules have been crazy busy.   ...more