Kraken Distractions

I have an above average amount of hobbies gardening, needlepointing, reading, writing, photography, and cooking. Gardening and cooking serve the larger preoccupation in my life (raising a family) and reading helps my career. Needlepoint and photography are just plain fun. Writing has it's own category---frustrating pipe dream....more
Miss  you and your posts.  And, Happy New Year!!!!more

Honest Answer

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you were honest when someone asked you, how are you?Today I am...Deeply flawed and struggling...Gassy and proud...Befuddled and jejune....Crackers and fatuous....Kraken...more
@Kraken Yes! I am well and looking forward to plenty of Kraken interactions.more

Mix Max vs.Yodels: The Snack Cake Wars

Mix Max vs....more
@Kraken Just finding this this morning, as I do a Kraken review. We were Blessed in the storm ...more

Witnessing Community

I cringed when Martha raised her hand and said, “I can pull the crew boats. I have a big SUV and I’ve been hauling farm animals, some weighing a ton or more, around my whole life.”  I groaned; my fall just got more complex.  Life with Martha is complicated. She might have a lifetime of experience towing large trailers, but the befuddling details of life, wear her out....more
@Cindyhuber Thanks Cindy!more

First Tomato of the Season 2012

First Tomato of 2012 Gardening SeasonI harvested the first tomato of the 2012 gardening seaso...more
We have a ton of tomato varieties but I have never seen "bloody butcher."  You can bet I'm going ...more

Old Habits Make a Comeback

Sorry I’ve disappeared for a while I’ve been preoccupied. I started writing again and I’m not all that happy about it. I thought I had put my silly pursuit of being a published author to bed, made peace with my inability to produce a decent manuscript, and began investigating other pipedreams.  I was writing free for nine months (I consider my blogging to be humorous blathering, not really writing) but sometime in June I fell off the wagon.  I began to outline an idea. I began to write the phrases and vignettes that were bubbling up. I began to think like a writer again....more
Ugh. been there. just when i think to myself "Ok. the writing is just a hobby, let me get on ...more

Broccoli and Toasted Almond Soup

Broccoli and Toasted Almond Soup ...more
I LOVE almonds, well, most nuts, and this sounds truly fabulous! And I agree with you that soups ...more


****RANT ALERT AND BAD WORDS AHEAD******YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*********Smashed Fence ...more
 @HomeRearedChef Thanks for the love and sympathy!!!! Keep me in your thoughts! more

Rose Killer No More

For Mother's Day 2011, my family gave me extra hardy rose bushes because I've always wanted a garden full of roses and lavender....what a foolish dream. I live in persnickety New England where roses and lavender come to die! Much to my surprise, this year my roses have bloomed, and bloomed, and bloomed! Woohoo!!! I am not a rose killer!...more
Love roses and yours are lovely.  We live in eastern NC and our roses are beautiful too - though ...more

Boy Detritus

Recently, my son started sleeping on the bottom half of his trundle bed, he needed a place to spread out his stuff, he told me.He likes to sleep next to his:...more
Awz, that just melts my heart. Looking at his chestnut brown hair reminds me of my boy. How I ...more