Real Life Inspiration: Defining My Style

I've been on quest lately. A quest to define my style. That probably sounds rather trivial to most of you, but it's something that I have thought about my entire life. I've spent my life studying other people's style, wondering why they put things together a certain way, wondering how they achieve a look that they feel portrays who they are on the inside. Naturally, this has caused me to spend a lot of time wondering what it is that defines my style? What do my clothes say about me?* Do they provide a consistent message? Are they saying what I want them to say?...more

I think you might be over-thinking this. :)

I do believe that each of us has that one item ...more

Things I learned at Blogher 2009...

From krameymartin. ...more

Jessica Biel's Workout Regimen

                              Remember seeing these photos for the first time?   (Photo courtesy of ...more

If nothing else, "Bride Wars" gets clothes

I went to see Bride Wars Friday night with the "wives club," a group of girls married to my husband's best friends. I didn't expect too much from the movie. I have seen a fair amount of wedding-centric chick flicks since I just got married in October (we had a pre-wedding marathon), but this movie surprised me a little. ...more

"Investment" pieces: Part 1

I have never been able to wear cheaply made clothes. When I do, I look cheaply made. Thankfully, a great deal of Target clothes do not fall victim to this "look." But, this is why I've always struggled with the juniors section at Macy*s, Nordstrom and many other places. I like to think that I have "classic" taste, but the truth is I just refuse to comprimise on certain pieces in my wardrobe. So, if you're like me, here are some of the pieces I feel are a good "investment." ...more

Top 10 Best Beauty Products under $10

Stages of life, such as college, a career change or [insert applicable life stage here] often result in an unhappy parting between women and their favorite beauty products. However, just because you've got to scale back on the brand names, doesn't mean you have to scale back on quality. Here are some of my favorite budget crunch options: 1. L'OREAL Paris Vive Pro- Nutri Gloss Shampoo & Conditioner: This product makes your hair super shiny, smells great and averages about $3.50 per bottle. ...more

nothing makes me happier than going to target and finding good beauty buys.  i'm ...more

False Courage (The Internet, not Alcohol)

It is hard to make friends. It just is. It took me the first two years of college to make good friends, and before I knew it I was graduated, married and not living with those friends I had made. I'm not the most personable, I'm often accused of being mean (i like to call it overly-honest) and I don't make a whole lot of compromises when it comes to the kind of people I like. After graduation, I started a job at a company where I knew no one, and everyone there had loads more experience than me. I thought I would never get to know anyone.  ...more

i hope you come to chicago! would be great to meet you ;)more