Sticker Shock: What the Stickers on Fruit are Telling You

If you’re frustrated by those pesky stickers on supermarket produce, this may change your tune. Did you know that those stickers aren’t just for the checkers’ use? The International Federation for Produce Standards uses a four or five digit code to identify certain types of produce. If you know what you’re looking for, you can utilize those stickers to make buying decisions about your family’s fruit and vegetable consumption. Think of them as secret produce decoders! ...more

I had no idea those little stickers could be so helpful. I'm going to start paying more attention!more

Just Ducky Halloween Costume

Homemade costumes are the rule at our house. Bonus points if they can be made with easy to find materials such as this cute duck costume. Start by making a paper bag vest from a brown grocery bag: Holding the bag upside-down, cut up the middle of the bag and over the edge of the bag’s bottom. Cut a round neck hole out of the bottom of the bag and an arm hole in each side....more

Look at that sweet little face. Wow. It melts my heart. :)