In A Million Words or Less...

It's the first week of school and emotions are on high. We are excited, anxious but most importantly pumped that we made it to the 4th grade with little to no scars.  This year CJ's school decided to start a week earlier, before Labor Day and while it through us for a loop it was a great idea. The teachers get to spend three days getting to know each kid, while assessing how they learn in a less formal nature. There is no homework.... WAIT, let me rephrase that the KIDS get no homework but the parents do. ...more

What's Your Number?

As a woman of wall street this is a question I've fielded several thousand times from headhunters and managers alike.  In a formal meeting, after a fancy lunch where I dazzled the prospective manager with my trading and TCA* knowledge and hit all the pointss to prove to  him that hiring me would not only make him look like a genius, but make his team stronger I was hit with the question we all long to hear..................more

The Decision

Thank You Parthenia! I hesitated sharing this part of my life but a friend encouraged me and ...more

Everybody Dance Now: Laci Chisholm

Born in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Laci Chisholm has been dancing nearly as long as she has been walking. A gifted and outgoing child, Laci’s desire to express herself has driven her passion for dance and given her a remarkable creative outlet. Laci studied dance intensely throughout her adolescence perfecting her craft and developing her ability to share the skill of dance with others....more

Stop Telling Women How To Behave

About Me: Five Fit Facts

When some of my friends describe me they usually start with “She’s a fitness crazed woman…” and to some extent that’s true. Even though I haven’t worked out with many of them it shows in my everyday life just how much I enjoy working out. If I’ve worked out and had time to myself I’m as sweet as pie and if not well….. BEWARE....more

Baobab Wellness Presents: Family Fit Brunch Series

  We’ve been planning, crying, talking, hustling and we’re only a few days away from the first of our monthly series Family Fit Brunch. ...more
This sounds like a great event.  Wish I was there to come out and support.more

Going Paleo - Step One

So you read Raquel’s Hard Truths about Going Paleo and took the plunge and signed up for our paleo challenge anyway. Now what? Did we abandon you and leave you to figure the rest on your own with only Google as your guide?Of course not! We will be offering tips throughout the next few weeks leading up to our January 1st start. Today’s tip: Clearing your home of the bad foods.Step One: Clean Out Your Refrigerator & Cupboards...more

10 Things I Know About Being Healthy

As I made my way through my second pregnancy (whoo hoo *throws confetti*) I dealt with insane cravings, bouts of fatigue and NFTG* state of mind when it comes to working out. But every day I made a choice to stick by my healthy diet, workout and power through all of it....more