They forgot my fries!!

Have you ever driven away from the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant and realized they forgot your fries, fruit, etc? ...more

Garden Update ~ May 7th

So it has been almost a month since I started my garden for the year.  After I planted my seeds, knowing that my success rate with seeds is extremely low, I did what any smart gardener would do.  I headed down to the nursery and bought seedlings to supplement, just in case.  I bought 3 tomato plants, 3 green pepper plants and 3 cucumber plants.  ...more

My fabulous and free weekend!

I just returned from a great weekend getaway with my husband and daughter to Colonial Williamsburg.  We bought an unit at Colonial Crossings a few years ago and we think that it is going to be great once they have built the indoor waterpark.  They are still building new units and therefore want to sell more timeshares to as many people as possible.  One of the incentives to get more people there is to offer a free weekend if you listen to their spiel.  Let me know if you are interested! ...more

Harris Teeter Triples - April 29th May 5th

Hello, Hello! I am so excited that tomorrow starts a week long event of Harris Teeter Triples!!! Make sure you get your coupons together and let's save some money. Here are the coupon guidelines for Harris Teeter. ...more

Farm Fresh Doubles...I paid 50 cents!

Hello, Hello!  It's Wednesday so you know what that means....Double Coupons up to $1 at Farm Fresh! ...more

I am a military spouse in Hampton. I have a friend who has gotten into stacking and has me ...more

It's gardening time!

Hello, Hello!  Today I started my garden for the year!  I am super excited.  This will be the fourth year that I have done a vegetable garden and I just love it.  Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers all summer long!  What could be better? ...more

Hey, my DH just told me about a FREE new iphone application that finds coupons in your local ...more

My new secret....

Hello, Hello!  So I always held firm that I would never shop in a thrift store.  I just couldn't fathom going into a store full of other's people stuff.  Other people told me what great things they found but yet they couldn't convince me.  ...more

Farm Fresh Doubles up to $1 Wednesdays...Of course I went!

Hello, Hello!  Yes I know in my last post I said that I needed to stop grocery shopping but I just couldn't help myself on this sale. My coupons were too good not to use. Qty    Item                        Price     Q        Doubled        Final Price         Total 1      Quaker Mini Cakes    2.19      $1           2                    .19              .19 ...more

I just went to Walgreens and bought all coupon items, only things I needed, and I got $56.19 ...more

I saved a lot of money without switching to GEICO...Harris Teeter Triples Summary

Hello, Hello!  Okay, so you have seen my breakdown of what I did and how I did it.  Now it is time to talk savings.  In the 5 trips to Harris Teeter I saved a grand total of $245.03!!!!  That is a lot of money.  I spent $72.93.  That is a savings of 77%. Not half bad but I have now realized that we have no place to put all of this food so I may be on a shopping sabbatical for a while.  But who knows how long that will really last.  I will keep you updated.  Meanwhile, keep klipping!  It's worth it! KK ...more

I saved a lot a money without switching to GEICO....Harris Teeter Triples pt. 5

Hello, Hello!  This is my final trip to Harris Teeter duing the weeklong triple event. Qty  Item                         Cost - VIC        Q             3x         Final Price     Total 2     Trident Xtra Gum           1,49             .75          1.49        Free             Free 5     Jolly Time Popcorn  2.69 Buy 2 Get 3   .50         1.08        .644             3.22 ...more