pumpkin mousse pie

The post %pumpkin mousse pie appeared first on %BLOGDESCLINK%% The big eating holiday is coming! Halloween ends and I start counting the days til Thanksgiving. You too, right? ...more

my obnoxious baby registry

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pumpkin eggnog

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Pumpkin Eggnog

I'm thinking we need just a little something to bridge the gap between fall and winter. Something to face the upcoming winter with a little equanimity. Is it too early for eggnog? No. No, it's not. Especially not if we put a little pumpkin in it. I'm not over the pumpkin everything yet, are you?...more

Handmade Holidays 2014: instagram shrinky dink magnets

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Recipe and Reverie for My Dad's Coconut Cream Pie

My dad died 17 days ago. He had been sick, but I wasn't expecting it. That also happened to be my daughter's sixth birthday and the day before my own. It's been a hell of a couple of weeks....more
Thank you for sharing these memories and this recipe. This is a beautiful tribute to your dad. ...more

basset hound halloween costume hack

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on death and coconut

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DIY: faux marble table

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DIY: flower headband

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