When Your Mom Friend is Living Your Worst Nightmare

I was a worrier before I had kids, so imagine what happened to my worry when I popped out two in one shot. Then double it. Then double it again. I worry about EVERYTHING. One of them has a bruise, I’m convinced it’s leukemia. I get a cough for a few days, it’s lung cancer. Someone complains of a headache, it’s a brain tumor. Basically I’m terrified that everything in my life is an indicator of cancer....more

Throwback Thursday: 8th Grade Love According to Princess Mommy in Y2K

8th Grade Me with Some of my Closest Friends I’ve been quite amused reading Mommy-in-training’s journal excepts from years ago. I wish I could show you my amazing handwriting as well but at some point a few years back I decided to type up all of my old diaries and toss out the originals. I can’t for the life of me remember what possessed me to do such a thing but nonetheless, I DO still have what I was thinking and said...more

Throwback Thursday: Tuesday, June 20, 1995

Every week or two, I...more

Throwback Thursday: Monday, November 7, 1995

My journal from November 7, 1995. From time to time, I like to revisit childhood journals for hilariously awkward and occasionally mortifying stories. Here’s my rumination on what may or may not have been a crush on a long-time friend (who, incidentally, is still in my life – along with his delightful wife and three hilarious young daughters)....more

How to Make, and Keep, Mommy Friends

We’ve all heard the old adage that it is quality, not quantity, that counts. When it comes to friendships, this is definitely the truth. Still, I feel like since becoming a mom it is easier than ever for me to stay in my comfortable friend spot and not make the effort to add new ones (who has the energy?) ....more

“You’ll Never Have Time to Write After Kids” — Mythbuster Monday

This post is sponsored by Grammarly....more

Getting Back on the Meal-Planning Train — Foodie Friday

When we moved to Florida in December of last year, we took a month to get settled and then we became organized, meal-planning beasts. I’m not sure when it all fell apart, but we haven’t had a formal meal plan in month and our grocery bill has gone up, up, up as a result. Despite the fact that Jesse has two Herbalife shakes a day for meals and I have at least one, which a saves us a TON of money on those meals ....more

Throwback Thursday: Sunday, March 19, 1995

From time to time, I like to revisit childhood journals for hilariously awkward and occasionally mortifying stories. Here’s what happened after what seems to have been the spring dance. (Evidently I had resolved to journal more frequently, but failed to do so.) I’ve typed it exactly as written, except for replacing full names with initials to somewhat protect the identities of other “characters.” March 19, 1995 (Sunday) 9:17 pm I guess I majorly broke my resolution ....more

Time Management for Moms: Creating a Time Budget — Working Mom Wednesday

One of the things this new efficiency / structure / let’s-start-truly-being-grownups thing we’re doing these days has made me realize is that I just do not use time as efficiently as I used to. This goes for both personal life and work life. So, I’m working on changing my habits, and guess what: I made up a schedule and checklist for myself, too ....more

Daily Schedule for 22-Month-Old Twins — Twin Tips Tuesday

As part of the Family Overhaul I mentioned on our Facebook page the other day, we’re trying to implement more structure to make sure everyone stays happy and on track. That’s what made me realize I haven’t updated the boys’ daily schedule since January. Which probably explains why we’ve been letting them watch WAY too much TV and we all end most days frustrated and tired ....more