Back to School: Learning Never Ends

It’s Back to School time! The ads are running, and stacks of notebooks, folders and pens are popping up on endcaps everywhere. This time of year gets me really excited--I loved school, and I still love buying a fresh pack of pens. But Back to School is not about the pens, notebooks or new clothes; it’s about getting back to learning. ...more

Say Yes: 5 Ways to Assess Opportunities

Ever heard that phrase “a big part of life is just showing up”? Even more so, I believe a big part of life is saying Yes. Showing up is important, but it’s really just a minimum requirement. It just means you’ll be there when opportunities come up.To maximize those opportunities and really take advantage of what comes your way, you have to say yes. A lot. Sometimes even when you’d rather say no. If you don’t reach out and grab an opportunity when it’s in front of you, it will pass you by and go to someone else....more

Unicorns and Leprechauns: Stop Waiting for the Perfect Candidate

Quick quiz…which of the following really exist?...more

Soft Skills Matter

We’ve been hearing a lot about the “skills gap” lately, where employers have a tough time finding qualified candidates even as a sizeable number of unemployed people struggle to find jobs. Now the debate has moved on to look at “hard” and “soft” skills....more

The Skills Gap: Your Future Job Doesn’t Exist Today

Here’s a newsflash from the future…the job that’s waiting for you doesn’t exist right now. That’s right. Your future job probably hasn’t yet been created, or maybe even thought about. Just ten years from now there will be jobs that are very different from anything we see today....more

Workplace Ergonomics: How Surroundings Can Improve Creativity

October is National Ergonomics Month. Maybe not a big holiday on your calendar, but ergonomics can have a strong influence on the quality of our creative work. Having a good working environment can enhance creative thinking, and prevent the aches and pains we’ve all experienced after a long and intense creative work session....more

Do You Own Your Job or Are You Just Renting?

You might not know it just by looking around, but every workplace has two kinds of employees: renters and owners....more
Great post.  I work in the software development industry - and while I like to own it it seems ...more

The New Sharing Economy - Staffing Firms Were Pioneers

Recently Lyft, Uber and Car2Go came to Columbus. They all just showed up, practically at the same time, seemingly overnight. Surprised? I wasn’t. It’s just another sign of the rapidly growing “sharing economy.”...more

VP, Director, Manager: Do Titles Really Matter?

In a world where it's all about the work, do titles really matter? Do they tell you something about the person you're meeting? Or are fancy titles just a "prize" companies hand out in lieu of real responsibility or more pay? ...more

The Future of Employment: Jobs vs. Work

Here’s a question you probably haven’t been asked lately: Do you have a job or do you produce work? Before you get upset and tell me you DO work at your job, please hear me out. The world of employment is changing rapidly. Today there are many different ways to get work done, and companies are primarily focusing on the outcome.  For purposes of this discussion, I’m defining job and work like this:Job:  a post of employment; full-time or part-time position...more