Author Gina LoBiondo Has Found Her Long Lost Friend

 Allow me to introduce you to Gina. She is savvy and creative.  She is sharing her latest picture books for kids at Kristi's Book Nook and offering a giveaway. Gina has also shared her tips on how parents can get and keep their kids reading.  ...more

How Are You Teaching Your Kids To Give For The Holidays?

When the holidays come around there are plenty of conversations, commericals and shows about having a holiday spirit. But, what exactly does that mean? The Christmas spirit which is also a giving spirit is how I interpret the holdiday spirit. Are you confused yet? It simply means donating our time and giving what we can to others who are in need.  ...more

The Will To Write

 Meet author Daniel Harvell. He is an indie author with plenty to say....more

Cat Michaels Gets Kids Writing Stories

CorineD2 Thx for the retweet! Appreciate the support. I'm new to Twitter. Finding my way round ...more

Cat Michaels Gets Kids Writing Stories


One Special Christmas

 Christmas is just around the corner!...more

The Best Snowman Ever!

 Tiger Tales Books Presents The Best Snowman Ever!...more

Getting Started With The Common Core State Standards At Home

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have arrived. What does that mean for you and your reading time with your little ones? It can help you start preparing your child for kindergarten and a life long of reading and thinking critically. What can a CCSS Guide from a favorite children's book do for your child?...more