Don't tell me I can't do'll only waste your breath!

Don’t tell me I can’t do something…you’ll only waste your breath.I absolutely hate it when people try to tell me I can’t do something. Sure, my life is incredibly busy and I’m usually running instead of walking to get where I need to be but that doesn’t mean I’m any less capable of achieving goals than anyone else in this world!...more

What happens after Christmas?

Being that it was Sunday morning I had every intention of getting up with my alarm clock at 7 a.m. sharp and getting the kids and myself to church like the good girl that I am (at least I try to be). However, when the alarm went off I must've turned it off and went back to bed because when I finally rolled out of bed, it was 9. It didn't take much to convince myself that trying to get everyone ready and off to church wouldn't be worth it. So putting on my best disappointed face, I told the kids that we would not be going to church....more

Just me and her tonight

I was reminded of something very important tonight. I was reminded of how important it is that we spend quality one on one time with our children whether they are an only child or have ten identical twins....more

Lemon Ricotta cookies with lemon glaze

My mother absolutely loves this recipe so I asked her to send it to me. These lemon cookies are perfect for parties, holidays or if you just have a craving for something sweet and lemony. If you have any interest at all in cooking or baking then I'm sure you've heard of Giada de Laurentiis of Everyday Italian on the Food Network. This is just one of her amazing recipes! So get your cookie sheets out, put your apron on and get ready to bake! Here is the recipe...Ingredients U.S. Metric Conversion chart...more