Early Saturday morning I left for Nashville for  The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) is Convention. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for months and now that it’s over, I’ve got a definite case of the post-convention blue (and the post travel tireds) ....more

Are we living in the plagiarism age?

You might have read my post last month about the American Heart Association taking some of my content last month. This post isn’t to rehash that, or even to talk about that except in a broader sense about some observations through the whole fiasco. I’m working with the AHA. I’m hopeful. I’ll update you when I know more. The response from that post was pretty overwhelming. People were shocked. Other’s weren’t surprised. But most people agreed, plagiarism is bad stuff ....more

Darkness and Light. Ugly and Beauty.

About a week after Cora’s funeral, my husband pulled into a parking spot behind the funeral home. We were there to pick up our daughter’s remains. The short car ride from our apartment to the funeral home was spent in silence ....more

Loose Ends Make for a Scattered Mind

I’m sorry. I feel like I owe you all an update on so many things. I feel like I have left too many of your messages go unanswered. I’ve got too many projects and issues that need finishing or work. I don’t like that feeling. The situation with the AHA, which thousands of you helped me share and reached out to me after reading my post. I want to keep you all updated. I thought progress was being made, unfortunately, ...more

The American Heart Association Plagiarized My Content Multiple Times

When I was young, so young that I don’t remember the exact age or grade level, my teachers taught me something that I’d hear probably 100s of time over my academic career. Stealing someone’s content, without permission is a serious crime. Even stealing one word or line of a work without attributing had serious academic repercussions  My journalism professors warned, speaking to the entire class, this type of behavior would lead to immediate expulsion. I think we all have the message drilled into ...more

Remembering the Good Times: Preparing for Cora, a Nursery tour

I think back to my pregnancy a lot. I was so excited and happy. I wanted everything to be perfect for her. My definition of perfect back then is different than my definition would be for a future baby. I thought about her nursery and planned every little detail, with such love and care. I’m so glad I have those good memories and time with her kicking up a storm in my belly. I’m also glad I took ...more

What Was Cora’s Congenital Heart Defect?

This is a difficult post to write. One I’ve avoided writing for three years, for the reason I’ll dive into deeper below. I often get asked what Cora’s exact CHD was. I get search engine terms asking that exact question. I get why people are curious. It’s a common question in the CHD world, a way to relate to each other. Something people are curious about, however I have kept fairly quiet publicly because it is an extremely sore subject ....more

There’s a reason women don’t talk about this stuff

Thank you for all the messages and comments in response to my “The I Word” post where I write about some possibly fertility issues ....more

Global Newborn Health Conference: Day 1

I considered not writing this, in light of the horrible tragedy in Boston. But I am writing it for the 8000+ newborns that will die globally today, most of them of something we have the capabilities to prevent. Today was day one of the Global Newborn Health Conference I wrote about earlier this month.  ...more

The I Word

When I was younger, I often worried I’d struggle with fertility issues. My worries were founded on some personal issues, family history and just having a worrying personality. So when I got pregnant with Cora without even trying (Surprise!), I was not only excited to be a mom, I was also relieved. Looks like I haven’t dodged the bullet yet ....more