What Women DON'T Want: A Holiday Guide

It was not a ring, you guys. Not an electronic gadget. Nothing warm and UGGly to put on my toes. In fact, it was a godawful Woolrich sweater. A purchase I suspect he made at the hardware store the morning before. I can't be certain, but I still suspect my boyfriend at the time thought I was actually a lumberjack. Now, over ten years later, I can't remember a single other thing that sweater-guy bought me during our years-long relationship. Because that ugly sweater? It trumps all, you guys. So why not learn from my heartache and let this serve as a warning to you this holiday season. There are certain gifts you simply do not want to give. Or, rather, there are certain gifts that us women simply do not want to receive. ...more
Sometimes thought, a power tool is just the ticket. Only for goshsakes, makes sure it's the ...more


Here I am, another newbie.  Just started a new (but maybe my 5th or so) blog, now that I'm a wife and mother.  Trying not to be a stereotypical "mommy blogger" (join the club, eh?), and trying to find my niche.  I hope to find some great reading and develop a readership of my own!  ...more

From Blogger to Blogger-with-Children

My former bookmark list looks nothing like what it does today.  Let's just put it that way. You see, I'm a relatively new mom.  I've got a two-year-old and a 3.5 month old.  So, yeah. New.  Before I met my husband and got pregnant, I was a member of several blogging sites (which shall not be named here!) that were of, well, questionable content.  Well I guess not all of them.  I did lots of interviews with Indie bands and wrote some humorous horoscopes, but the rest was, well, like I said: not exactly PG (or PG-13, for that matter). ...more