My Teenage Daughter’s Recent Milestone Is Not What You Think It Is

My teenage daughter just marked a very big milestone.    No it isn’t her first dance nor is it a long standing run on the Honor Roll or a new record set on a school athletic team.   My daughter’s achievement isn’t something anyone would call out in a first round of guesses.  It’s not even something most kids associate with the start of their teenage years.  My daughter just marked the one year anniversary of the completion of her treatment for a brain tumor called Medulloblastoma. ...more

No One Ever Expects a Child to get Cancer and Why That Must Change

The commercials air every holiday season.   They’ve featured an adorable little boy trying to make a lunch date with Jennifer Aniston, a giggling mischievous cherub teasing Robin Williams, and another hanging out with Olympic champion snowboarder Shaun White.   These kids are cancer patients and their celebrity pals implore viewers to make donations to St. Jude’s Hospital....more
Thank you so much for sharing this important, harrowing story. I'm going to share it.more