{Florida in February} Busch Gardens

I like amusement parks and zoos. I liked them when I was a kid. I liked them before I have kids. So I certainly like them now that I'm a momma. Busch Gardens is like an amusement park with a zoo, so, obviously, it's my kind of place. Oh, and, hey, it's in Florida ....more

{Cara Box} Beloved Friend

From fourth-grade and continuing for the next 13 years, one of my two best friends was a girl named Cara. It's been a decade since we've been close, and, you know, I miss her. We used to talk about what our lives would be like. We'd dream. And we'd make plans ....more

Weekend Words

The Hardest Part of Parenting is Me :: "I look deeper–past the dirty room and scatter ...more

{Five Minute Friday} My Mom

I'm participating in Five Minute Friday, a link-up ...more

{No More Perfect Moms} More than a decade

I met Greg when I was three months shy of 19 years old. Now, I'm a few months shy of turning 34 ....more

{Out of the Blue} Surprise Friendship

I am surrounded by some of best friends a girl could have right here in my everyday life ....more

{#TellHisStory} Surrender

This idea of surrender keeps showing up in my life. While I embrace imperfection these first couple months of this new year, the words I read keep reminding me to give it {whatever it is changes depending on the moment} back to God. The songs I hear echo this message of me not being in charge ....more

{God-sized Dreams} Stop delaying, start doing

I'm probably the only momma around who goes to the grocery store and comes home with ideas for a book ....more

{Florida in February} Dolphin Tale

I took my kids to see " ...more