Stop! Don’t Listen to Advice that Women Can Plan Our Way to Worklife Fit

I am so fed up with advice from people telling women that if they just make the right personal choices at the right time in the right order then there is no problem fitting career, marriage, and kids into our lives. ...more

4 Reasons to Hate Procter & Gamble's Olympic Ads

I’m a sucker for the stories behind the Olympic athletes, long years of hard work, overcoming heartbreaking setbacks, financial sacrifice, finally reaching the medal stand. Doesn’t take much to choke me up. ...more

You Can Do What Mayer and Slaughter Do

What’s stunning about the reaction to Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All” and the news that new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is pregnant is the size and scope of the reaction itself. And I can explain that reaction with a screen shot. ...more
@cvharquail @annelibby I know I know, so hard to fit in with all my client work but making ...more

"Can I Have it All?" Is the Wrong Question

When I speak to groups of young women and men, more and more frequently the question I get isn’t “Can I have it all?” it’s “Should I have kids at all?” ...more

Let's Stop Doing the CHA CHA CHA

Why do women themselves say that women “Can’t Have it All?” We say it because, as one mother told me, the phrase resonates as being “Shockingly, earthshakingly true.” We use ...more

Social Security: Neutral in Name, Sexist by Design

Soon after we had our daughter, I read that elderly women receive far lower Social Security benefits than men due largely to motherhood. Having just become one, I visited the Social Security Administration website. ...more

Never Too Early to Start Exploring Careers With Your Kids

Sutton Foster poses with the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical....more

Creating a Family Vision: Part 1

Our family makes its way through an annual New Year’s resolution process that serves us pretty well....more

Tool for Making the Most of Family Vacation Time

As families across the country face a week (or more!) with kids out of school, parents who may or may not have days off themselves, and competing demands for who wants to do what with their time, I thought I'd share a facilitation tool I've adapted for our family when we have extended family or vacation time....more

3 (Unconventional) Career Lessons Learned

1. Don't choose what to do. (Choose what NOT to do - quickly.)...more