Empathy for Toddlers: A Work in Progress

There is a fundamental difference between having an only child, and having the second. I would expect that any number you add to the singleton would mark a significant change in the family dynamics, but I wouldn't know...I won't be adding any more to the equation.   The time when adults outnumbered children in our family unit was not so long ago, and even through my sleep deprived haze, I feel like I can remember it well....more

Three's Company, Four Makes Family

The idea for using the changing seasons as a metaphor for parenting came from Simple Mom's Season's in Parenting series. Check it out! I'm sure you'll find the insights there of value!     It’s funny how life can be marked by a series of transitions....more

Not Advice, Just My Life.

If I had to choose a part of the day and award it with the label of “Okay…this is gonna hurt!” hands down, without question or consideration, it would be the morning. And usually, I’m a morning person. At least I was in my old life. I have taken to getting up (hopefully) an hour before the kids do. This is my time. My time to check my email, to leisurely read up on my feeds, and if I’m really lucky, to write. And it is worth losing sleep over. More importantly though, it allows me to get at least one cup of coffee in me before attempting the following....more