OFFICIAL BLOGHER '10 LIVEBLOG: Blogging Autism - Shattering Myths, Finding Your Tribe

Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer '10 panel: Personal: Blogging Autism: Shattering Myths, Opening Eyes and Finding Your Tribe. Click here for more info. Shannon Des Roches Rosa, a parent of a child with autism, moderates the discussion with Shark-Fu, who is co-guardian of her autistic brother, Stimey from, who parents a child with autism, and Sharon daVanport, who is an adult with autism. Carol (@AspieAdvocate) has stepped in for Sharon daVanport ...more

What a wonderful panel! Definitely one of the best that I attended. Thanks to all for such a ...more

Do Tell: Share Your Prom Dress Photos and Win an iPod Touch!

The conversation went something like this: "My dress? I just remember bows. Everything had bows. Bows on the boobs, bows on the butt, bows around the bottom, clip-on bows for my shoes, bows in my hair ... " "Mine was short, and the entire bodice was made of stretchy black sequins." "Whoa. Black sequins? That sounds ... " I was sure my friend was going to tell me that my sequined dress sounded like a joke. But she surprised me. "... kind of AMAZING." ...more

I hate to be a party-pooper, but I was the poor nerd girl who couldn't have afforded to go to ...more

2009 Holiday Gift Guide For Guys

Let's face it: shopping for men is stupid. We want to get them something they'll love, something other than grilling tongs or cologne, and so every year we ask hopefully, "What would you like for Christmas?" And every year we hear the same, mumbled, "I dunno." ...more

I was hoping for another reply so I don't know if the distinctions are clear or not, but I’m ...more

And They Never Had Sex Again: (Our Non-Existent) Sex Life After Baby

Shortly after I learned I was pregnant, I went to a party where I ran into a first-time mom bouncing her infant in her lap. I asked her how things were going. She replied with a slightly manic expression and an air of triumph: "I made eggs today!" I didn't really understand. Eggs? Is having a baby really that hard? Certainly not. Certainly it would be different for me. Right? I simply couldn't fathom ever being so all-consumed by a baby as to be triumphant about eggs. Since my child was born in early July, I've had sex with my husband precisely twice. ...more

Thank you so much for writing this!  I have a 4 month old daughter and even when we have ...more

BlogHer Conference Bling! Blog Badges Galore!

Planning to attend BlogHer '09? Why not let everyone know? We've got the goods below -- our tried and true, BlogHer Badge Basics. But we're also looking for great ideas for new badges, too! As you may recall, last year we made a few less traditional, more fun buttons as well, including: "I'm breastfeeding at BlogHer '08" "I'm geeking out at BlogHer '08" "I'm drinking at BlogHer '08" "I'm wearing cute shoes at BlogHer '08" ...more

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Watch for Blog Bling in the next week - finally touches being done ...more

Want to Work at BlogHer? Help Us Recruit A Rockstar!

One of the many things that makes BlogHer an amazing organization is that it -- they, we -- believe in what we're doing. We believe in The Blogosphere. We get why women are blogging in record numbers, and we aren't surprised in the least that blogs continue to change the way the whole world communicates.  This is an organization whose founders "walk the talk" every day.  Perfect example: I can't think of another organization that would actively encourage me to blog this. ...more


First we were discussing pro's con's of wedding dresses and types of ...more

Should I Attend BlogHer '09?

Every year, we announce that our annual BlogHer event will have something for everyone. And every year, we get lots of feedback like: I don't think I'm a big or important enough to go... I won't know anyone there.. I can't go, I'm a dude! I'm not techie enough for a blog conference... I'm way too techie for a blog conference... So in case you -- or someone you know -- is feeling hesitant, here's our take. Please pass it on! For new and beginning bloggers ...more

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Can't say I really have the readership to ask for help that way (I think I ...more