Introducing Bojangles

This is Bojangles.  ...more

It Was Cashews, Damn it!

A few nights ago, Dan and I went out for dinner to our favourite restaurant.  As we sat there enjoying our first course, Dan commented on how much he was lovin' his beet salad.  Yes, the guy had actually ordered a beet salad. (You see, he rarely gets to enjoy his precious beets because I can't stand the things and refuse to cook them.)  It reminded me of a recent Dr. Oz show. "Speaking of beets, you should have seen this guy that Dr. Oz had on yesterday." ...more
lol - I don't like beets, not one tiny bit -- I'm gonna have to double up on the avocado and the ...more

A Darksome Moonless Night

So awesome. That sounds like the kind of house that gives out full-sized chocolate bars. Woot!more

Velma Dinkly Makes a Miraculous Recovery

Velma Dinkley Makes a Miraculous Recovery ...more

Canadian, Eh?

I have a thing for words and phrases.  I love to learn a word's history and discover the story behind its origin.  Words fascinate me.  Yes...I'm really that nerdy.  I even keep a growing list of favorite words like shenanigans and nincompoop.  But come on!  Who doesn't love shenanigans?   My real fondness though, is for Canadian words.  Okay, I'll admit it's a very short list, but I love 'em just the same - words like tuque, toboggan, portaging and 2-4. ...more

Give a Dog a Bone

It all began on a wet and muddy Spring day, when Bojangles was given a bone.  Now, this wasn't just any old bone, (as Bojangles instinctively knew) this was a fresh, raw, meaty bone that needed extra special attention.   Being the thoughtful, clever doggie that he is, Bojangles didn't settle in to clean off his bone as most normal dogs would.   No... Bojangles knew this bone had to be preserved and savoured.  It had to be aged, and soiled, and become rank with that oh-so-wonderful scent that dogs love.   So......more

I have a new policy firmly in place - No More Bones! Squeeky toys are much more house (and bare ...more

My Sister is Velma Dinkley

"To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys....more

Passion Pasta and Pistols

As promised, here are the sordid details from the murder mystery party I recently attended.  I've left the murderer for you to sleuth out for yourselves.  So, put on your fedora and trench coat and prepare for some detective work.  Ready for a who-done-it mystery?     The mood was grim in La Speranza’s Italian restaurant as the grieving friends and family of Pepi Roni gathered to discuss his recent murder.  Pepi, the beloved owner of La Speranza had been shot in the back by his own pistol and all who had gathered at the res...more