Still Married after 23 years

My twenty third wedding anniversary is looming this month. What amazes me is  how my husband and I have lasted this long without killing each other! I am only joking, but it is true, how we got here to this point is is no small undertaking. There have been many ups and downs, plenty of tears and a whole lot of heartache along the way but we have made it inspite of everything....more

Motherhood Through Asperger colored glasses

My son was five years and five months old when we were given his diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome, that was fourteen years ago and hardly anyone really knew what that meant exactly. At the time, he was in kindergarten and the school system was fighting to remove him from his integrated classroom and send him to a collaborative program out of district. I fought them tooth and nail becuase I could not (more likely would not) see my son as any different from the other butt scratching, nose picking, and hyper active five-year-old boys surrounding us....more