Billionaire Blocks Her Children from Inheritance

Gina Rinehart, an Australian mining billionaire, has legally blocked her own children from their stake in the inheritance left to them by her dad’s mining empire. ...more

The Importance of Religious Education: My 3 Reasons

Have you ever met a Christian that made you cringe? They are preaching scriptures to you after they just finished gossiping about their co-worker. How about meeting that Muslim who moans when they articulate how horrible it is to be eating pork. Have you ever met the Jew who just couldn’t let you call out Jesus’s name without reminding you there is no “J” in the Hebrew language? What about meeting that Buddhist who has to enlighten you with sayings from Dalai Lama while forcing you to close your eyes and stay quiet? Yes, I know you have met some of these people. I have too.  The problem then becomes us questioning if we do ever decide to practice our faith, will we become like those people who improperly share theirs. Why is practicing our faith so complicated? ...more

Newborn in a Box

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A baby girl was found in a cardboard box on a north Philly sidewalk. I am sick to my stomach as I write this because I can picture a newborn baby stuck in a box and left to die, while the irresponsible mother walks away. Here are the details behind the news and how I feel about it......more

Finding Perfect Peace: Joyce Meyer's Tips toward Tranquility

Every one of us needs peace in order to enjoy life. We must have some sense of tranquility in our daily lives in order to keep our stress levels low. Joyce Meyer shared a few tips, in her morning daily devotional, to help us develop a more peaceful lifestyle, and I want to share them with you here (along with my insight)......more

An Antidote for Depression: 7 Ways to Battle Depression

Depression. The most common emotional sickness in this world today. Many of us have experienced depression or are currently experiencing it. So many clinical psychologists and psychiatrists are counseling people with this illness, but an estimated 19 million American adults are still living with major depression. Why is this?...more

I'm Not Meant to be Tied Down (Lesson from Reed Between the Lines)

Reed Between the Lines. My new favorite African-American sitcom airing on television right now. The show follows a modern-day blended family, starring veteran actor Malcolm Jamal Warner and actress Tracy Ellis Ross, as they go through life's ups and downs with wit and humor. The show encompasses tons of underlying messages that requires viewers to literally "read between the lines" in order to decipher the true meaning that is conveyed to us. I watch this show faithfully every Tuesday night (10/9pm eastern time on BET). However, last night in particular, one of their back to back episodes really caught my attention and I just had to share my thoughts......more

A Stubborn and Rebellious Generation

We always tell our children, “do as I say, not as I do” or we say, “just because I did it, doesn’t mean you can.” But how effective is that—really? Not effective at all if you ask me.Take Astro and Rachel crow for examples... ...more

Walking in Wisdom: 10 Ways To Know For Sure

"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established." That profound statement comes from Proverbs 24:3 (NIV). This is scripture we should all keep in our memory banks as we are trying to build our lives and personal relationships every day.  My goal in life is to grow in wisdom. To seek it out every single day so that I may walk in it, speak it, and recognize it when it comes in my direction just as Proverbs 31 tells me to. This is what I want for your life too......more